Many a time, we come across situations when things are not in order, causing lots of trouble to us... And, definitely, each one of us would have thought "wish someone would change all this".. Now, after watching Anniyan, the thought now is "Won't an Anniyan come and set all this right??"

I had a similar thought on last Friday.
Went to Chennai for the weekend. (That is the reason for long absence from blog-o-sphere!)... Had booked my ticket in advance in KSRTC bus. Departure time was 9.25 pm and I left IIM Campus at 7:10 itself... You think that is pretty early?? Well... not really... Reached the bus-stop at 8.25 pm. There was enough time for a proper meal. Entered Hotel Swati in the Bus-Stand Premises itself. Looked like a very good restaurant.. The ambience was good... But, the service was the worst I have ever seen. I had to wait for 30 minues before a waiter came and took orders... and 15 more minutes for delivery of the food (Nothing much... just veg meals was all I ordered). Gobbled the really pathethic food and reached to the bus station at 8.15.... and then got the shock of my life... All the KSRTC ppl I came across at the bus stand said that there was no bus at 9.25... When I showed them the ticket, they became as puzzled as I was. And, finally one man said it must be the special bus and the boarding point for special buses is different. Nowhere in the ticket, was this mentioned. With just 5 minutes for the departure time, there was no time to think of all that... Ran to the new boarding point only to find that the bus was not even half full - Everyone had faced the same trouble as I had... And people were all panting as they entered the bus... All of them had to run :-) ... The bus (and all buses) were delayed by 20-30 minutes...
Can't they have informed us before that the boarding point would be different??

Oh Mr. Anniyan.... where art thou?????

By Aravind on Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 7:10 AM Post Categories:
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