In one of my previous posts, I had written that the bias against southies in Bollywood still continues, especially in deciding awards. Here is one more instance. The nominations for Sahara One Sangeet Awards have been announced. And I was surprised on seeing the Best Film Albums list: Swades and Bose are not even in the nominations!!! Generally, most of the music awards are decided not based on the quality of the music, but based on whether the movie was a hit - This is really really stupid and illogical - but that's the way things have been working for quite some time now... But, in this case, even this criterion is not followed - movies like Aitraaz and Lucky the are in list. Can't even imagine how Aitraaz got in there - the music was pathetic and also the movie wasn't a hit. Swades and Bose: The Forgotten Hero were definitely better than all these craps. Bose is not just a good album... It is a classic..

The only explanation I can think of is the bias against southies - in this case, against ARR.
By Aravind on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 7:30 PM Post Categories: ,
  1. Sridhar Raman

    The bias is quite well known. You must do what I do - ignore these stupid awards. I guess our Thalaivar has reached a stage in his career when all these things mean little to him. :)

    But yes I can empathise with you on the fact that it is hard to control oneself when you see crappy stuff being considered superior to God's work. Ellam kaligaalam!

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