After the huge hit Thenaali, Kamal Hassan, KS Ravikumar and ARR are joining hands in Dasaavathaaram. This move is one to watch out for due to many reasons, one of them being that Kamal is doing 10 different roles. Kamal is flying to US to learn the American Accent...

So, one more ARR Tamizh ablum can be expected next year. Already in the pipeline are Jillendru oru kaadhal, Rajni's Shivaji (not confirmed). Oh.. I am so excited......

Update: ARR opted out of Dasavathaaram
By Aravind on Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 10:08 PM Post Categories:
  1. ada-paavi!!!!

    lets hope this movie of kamal sees tthe light of the day, VV is already in trouble! arr needs to take a break and come bck after tat!

  1. Rags

    Why is Kamal travelling to US..Ask him to talk to our convent girls in chennai...athavudava accent iruku us la...

  1. Aravind

    @ Vatsan: Seriously hoping that this project comes thru...AFAIK, VV shooting has resumed :)

    @rags: he he he... good one :)

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