Excited... Hyper... Ecstatic... Thrilled... Elated... Touched... Euphoric... Moved...

How else will I be, when the man picked up not one, but two Oscars! And, accepted the awards calmly... with so much composure.... and what a thank you speech, he gave!!!
And, no post about AR Rahman's Oscar wins would be complete without a mention of his words in Tamil in the global stage - "Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukkae"!

When the whole world is celebrating the genius of the man, some in India have already started questioning if AR deserved it! Such is the mentality here.

For all those who're skeptical - Did you not watch the movie and listen to the score at all? Did you not feel the pulsating "O Saaya" transport you right into the slums? Did you not feel the energy of the chase in "Mausam & Escape" & "Liquid Dance"? Did you not feel the romance - the love, the pain, the longing - in "Latika's Theme"? Didn't the score remind you of scenes in the movie, each time you listen to eachtrack? Did you not notice that the score was so perfect for the movie, and it elevated the movie so much?
If the answers have been negative, then there's no point arguing!! You're probably an absolutely incorrigible, jealous creature. And arguing with you would be waste of time for both of us!

PS: This post has been in "draft" for more than a month.. finally found time to complete this post!