Rahman has won the Fillmfare award for 'best music' for Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. This takes his tally to 19 Filmfare awards, and if I am not wrong, this is the most number of Filmfare awards received by anyone!! Kudos to Rahman!! I'm glad that Filmfare didn't mess up, like it usually happens in many award functions - presenting the award for music based on box office success, which is totally ridiculous!

And, the best female singer - no surprises here too - the lady with voice as sweet as honey - Shreya Goshal for Munbe Vaa (SOK). What's surprising is the choice of best male singer - Gaana Ulaganathan for VaaLa Meenukkum... True, the song was a hit and had a wide reach... But, it was definitely not worth winning a filmfare... There were many other singers whose songs were miles better than this one!!! Enna kodumai, Saravanan??!

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Headlines Today broadcasts this show called "Bangalore Beats". In today morning's episode, Bangalore Beats talked about pubs in Bangalore. The one hour show extensively showcased various pubs in the city, with the anchor and a gang of bangalore youth visiting the different pubs and interviewing the owners and the customers there. The gang explained what they like about each pub to the anchor, as she went about tasting beer in the different pubs. Throughout the show, bangalore was referred to as "Pub City", "Beer Capital of India" etc. There was a mention of one pub, which had the distinction of being the first pub serving the "thirsty indians" after independence...

One hour later, I was left with some thoughts - In a country where advertising or promoting alcohol is banned, where does such a program stand?
The health ministry is of the opinion that smoking/drinking scenes in movies will impact the youth and wanted filmmakers to display health warnings. What about such programs which blatantly promote the alcohol culture?
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