The songs of "Ah aah" have lots and lots of hidden treasures which are revealed on repeated hearings, giving more and more pleasure with each hearing!!

Here are some examples:
Thigu Thigu
The starting of the song is as if it is played from a old record player. During this part, the song is accompanied by Tabla. The real surprise is the transition from the Tabla to the heavy percussion. And then again, Tabla takes over. This pattern repeats continuously in the song.The transitions are sooooooo smoooth, u will never realise when the Tabla took over and vice versa.. Wowwww.....

I have already written about the awesome innovation with the "nadhaswaram" like sound in my earlier post (the review)... There are more treasures. Listen to the end of the charanams... note the tinkle of bells going along with the song, matching it exactly... It is at a very low volume, but adds immensely to the beauty of that part.

Thazhuvudhu Nazhuvudhu
When Shreya sings "thazhuvhudhu nazhuvudhu nazhuvudhu thazhuvudhu" before the pallavi, a very very faint synth lead follows the singer beautifully!!! Wowwww..

This song makes a wonderful hearing in Karaoke mode. Lots of interesting sounds, which are otherwise shadowed by the voice, can be heard... The strings backing throughout the song is awesome, especially at the end of Charanams.

I was so thrilled listening to this track on Karaoke mode...

Only one thought comes to my mind - "What a perfectionist this man is!!!!"
By Aravind on Friday, August 05, 2005 at 10:54 PM Post Categories:
  1. Kaps

    i could notice some of these nuances only when I heard them on the headphones.

  1. Aravind

    Yeah ... u are right, Kaps....

    Some of these are audible only in headfones, that too, in karaoke mode...
    That what what I was wondering... these effects would be hardly noticed, but he puts in so much effort for them and perfects them !!!

  1. Anonymous

    I heard them on headphones too...and was oh-so mesmerized! He's such a genius.

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