I am starting a new section - Song of the month... NOOOO.. this is not the "No.1 song" thats topping the charts for the month, but this is MY song of the month. (Many a time, I get stuck to sone song and listen to it even 10 times a day and this continues for many days before I shift to another song! So, the song featured will most probably be the song that had haunted me recently!) I will discuss one A.R.Rahman song each month. So, here's the first one.

"Uyire Uyire"
from Bombay - The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity. Unlike most ARR songs, there is very minimal usage of instruments. ARR once said in an interview that, to make a song successful, what is very important is to know which instrument should "stop" and at which point, and also, which instrument not to use for a song! And very rightly ARR struck gold with minimal instruments for this song.

Hariharan and Chitra weaved magic with their voices. The sorrow, longing and pain is so beautifully conveyed by Hariharan. The point at which Hari stops and Chitra starts off for the first time - oh... brilliant... I get goosebumps at that point, every single time I listen to this song! As always, Naveen mesmerises with the amazing flute interlude!

This song remains fresh after more than a decade, and will remain fresh forever!

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Whats common to these 3 movies, u wonder? Listen to the 3 audio clips below. (Dialup friendly - less than 50 kb each). Nothing more to say!!! Just listen to the clips and u will get the point!

First is from Uppu Karuvadu from Muthalvan (1999) - A.R.Rahman

And, this is from Karka Karka - Vettaiyadu Vilayadu (2006) - Harris Jayaraj

And the last one from Sakkarai Nilave - Youth (2002) - Mani Sharma

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