I have been repeatedly listening to "Poongatrilae" from Uyire (Ae Ajnabi/Dil Se) of late. And, this doesnt bore me even if I listen to it 10 times a day!!!

The song startes of with a rustic feel to it through the simple beats, and then when Swarnalatha starts of with "Kannil oru vali irundhaal" it takes you in to that mood of sorrow and pain. That heavy, base voice of Unni Menon fits the song aptly (though, I feel Udit's rendition of Ae Ajnabi is better!)

ARR excels with the music for the song, but Vairamuthu is not far behind with the lyrics, thus making it a perfect song. This is one of my favourites of Vairamuthu. The fact that the song is played on the radio by Shah Rukh, is brought out in many places in the lyrics, without losing the essence of the song.
Kaattrin alaivarisai kaetkkindradhaa ?
Kaetkkum paattil oru uyir vizhum kanneer vazhigindradhaa ?
Nenju nanaigindradhaa ?
Idhayam karugum oru vaasam varugindradhaa ?

Kaattril kanneerai yaettri
Kavidhai sendhaenai oottri
Kannae un vaasal saerthaen
Oyum jeevan odum munnae ododi vaa ...
Picture this... The hero works in the radio station. He has no clue about the whereabouts of his love. The only way he can reach out to her is through the air-waves. He transmits his feelings to her, by airing this song on the radio... and the song's lyrics capture not just the mood, but also the medium though which he reaches her!!! - "I add my tears to the air, with some sweet poetry, and deliver to your house!"
Just brilliant! What more could one ask for! Vairamuthu is Vairamuthu!

One of my fav songs - for the music, lyrics and the rendition!!!

Raaga.com link:
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Kyle McDonald, a Canadian blogger, started off with a red-coloured paper clip and through a series of online barters, finally, has ended up with a house all to himself!!! He started with the goal of getting a house - in July 2005.

His transactions:
One red paper clip --> fish shaped pen --> A doorknob --> Camping stove --> Generator --> Beer Keg --> Snowmobile --> Trip to Yakh, Canada --> A van --> A music recording contract --> one-year rent free accomodation --> An Afternoon with musician Alice Cooper --> A Snow Globe --> Hollywood movie role --> House in Kipling

And here's his blog:

And the BBC news report:
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A.R.Rahman enthralled a 18000-strong audience in Hollywood on Sunday. Mumbai Mirror reports that more than 70% of the audience were Americans, which is sharp contrast to any other Indian show held in the US, where in the stands would be filled with Indians and south-asians - One more fact to prove that A.R.Rahman has become "truly global"!!!

This was what Hariharan said at Hollywood Bowl "1965- Beatles, 1968 - Jimmy Hendricks, 2006 - Rahman perfoms at the Hollywood Bowl"
(Thanks to Wasim, arrahmanfans)
"And the boyish-looking A R Rahman - who sings and plays piano as well as composes for films and musicals - is the biggest. Usually "World Music Night" at the Bowl (or anywhere) is a reserved affair, tepid exoticism for college educated white Americans: "Let's have a hand for Mauritania's greatest guitarist." But when A R Rahman was introduced as having sold more albums than Michael Jackson, I knew I was in for something far, far bigger than most of us Angelenos expected. It was a spectacular concert. And frankly, I believe India produces the greatest pop music on the planet. Certainly better than what passes for pop in America these days, and far, far better than the canned, syrupy pop music you'll find in most other countries, from France to Taiwan."
(from marktapiokines journal)

Comment from another American who attended the concert (Thanks to Gopal, arrahmanfans):
"The concert was fabulous - oh, those arrangements, the voices (Rahman's is so powerful!), the joy, the energy...it was a delight. The audience was full to the brim and dancing up a storm. "
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Yeah... Its one year since I started blogging...
And it has been great - Got many new friends - many of whom, I am yet to meet! (will try to be present for the next blogger's meet!!)

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Tried logging on to youtube today, and this is the error message I got!!! Made me smile even though my login attempt failed. Youtube funny error message
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The Signature tune composed by A.R.Rahman for Worldspace was launched yesterday. A.R.Rahman has also featured in the ads of Worldspace. Worldspace is on an agressive campaign to build their brand in India.

The Worldspace website worldspace.in has some really cool pics of A.R.Rahman, on each page!

worldspace1Hosted on Zooomr

worldspace4Hosted on Zooomr

Update: The signature tune and A.R.Rahman HQ wallpapers are available for download on the Worldspace India Site.
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