... that define me.

The 'Dreamy Dryad' Sandhya tagged me.
So, here we go!

1. My smile. That is definitely the first thing anyone will notice about me.
He he... I am not called smiley for nothing!! (For those who don't know, Smiley is my nickname at IIMB)
2. I am a hardcore Rahmaniac. And am proud to be a Rahmaniac. This is my identity in my college - some people even call me Rahman!
3. I am totally tech-savvy! Wanna try out new software and new gadgets!
4. Extremely optimistic.
5. I'm totally a morning person. I can easily wake up at 4 or 5 am - even without an alarm. But, find it very difficult to stay awake late in the nights!
6. I always want recognition for whatever I do and get upset when I don't get it!
7. I thrive on music. Whenever I am in my room and am not sleeping or studying, music (Rahman's, of course) has to be on!
8. I find it very difficult to say "no" for anything to anyone.
9. I get irritated when people take advantage of my point no. 8, but I will never want to show that I'm irritated, for fear of hurting them!
10. I am totally quiet and look like a very reserved person. But once I get even slightly close to someone, then I am totally unstoppable - I keep going on and on!!

I tag Sheks, Witchoo, Neha, Aysh, Visithra and Vani.
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20 Jan 2007... ARRfans meet at Ferrari's place... Enjoyed every minute of it...

We basically met to watch 'Salaam Bombay Dreams', the making of Bombay Dreams. Our Yahoo! Group Moderator, Mr. Gopal had purchased the DVD online and wanted to share with us, the joy of watching this awesome documentary.

The documentary covers all aspects like making of the music, stage designing, dance rehersals, costume designing and also interviews of the cast and crew. There is a full segment on Queen Elizabeth's visit, which elaborately covers all the arrangements made especially for the queen.

Coming to the most interesting part - the recording sessions at Panchathan. The studio looks really simple. This part starts with the cars coming to Panchathan and ARR welcoming the people from London, followed by recording sessions.
We were all amazed to watch the improvisations by Rahman. The recording session of the song "Salaam Bombay... Salaam Bombay" is just brilliant. In this, Rahman plays the strings portion for the song and the dexterity with which he just adds that piece on-the-fly is amazing! The recording session for just the percussion tracks left us spellbound!

Apart from the recording sessions, the DVD also covers the composing sessions in London, where ARR is joined by Weber, lyricist Don Black and UK singer Karen David (who recently said that she is proud to call herself A.R.Rahman's discovery) among others.

The DVD is unfortunately not available in India, however it can be ordered from amazon.com. It is priced at $12. Definitely worth a buy, and a must have for all A.R.Rahman Fans.
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A short dialogue, which Monica says to Rachel (just after Rach cuts the credit cards) in the very first episode of Friends evoked laughter. But, come to think of it - it's simple but true!

Ok... me not writing that line here... Hear it from Monica in the short 5 sec clip below! (Ok... here's the context, if u haven't watched Friends. Rachel has left her home and her friends are forcing her to reduce the financial-dependence on her father and start life on her own).

For those who can't access youtube, here we go:
"Welcome to the real world! It sucks... you are gonna love it!"
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All of us, Rahmaniacs, have been waiting for this. And it is here, finally. Well, it is almost here.

I'm talking about the official website of A.R.Rahman. The domain arrahman.com which was previously owned by Sony Music for the publicity of Warriors of Heaven and Earth and Vande Mataram, will now be the domain name for ARR's official website.

Right now, the page is almost done, and will be up in a few days. If you want to have a preview of the site, visit this link: http://www.arrahmanworld.net/

This is a temporary domain. The site will soon be migrated to www.arrahman.com
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A.R.Rahman celebrates his 41st birthday today. And what's more? This is his 15th year in film industry, as a music director. Here's wishing him whole lot of wishes, and praying for his health and for success in everything he does!

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