Continuing from where I left off yesterday, here is one more copying case... This one is definitely more stupid.

The song Hima Kannangal from the Malayalam Movie Aye Taxi (2005, starring Mohan Lal, Music: Anu Malik) is lifted from .......guess what......... the Airtel Tune by ARR.

U can listen to the song at Music India Online.

First I thought, may be they would have bought the rights for the tune or some thing like that... But, given Anu Malik's track record, there is no benefit-of-doubt for him!!!
By Aravind on Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 10:53 PM Post Categories: , ,
  1. Anonymous

    Aye Taxi is dubbed from the Kannada film Love. Love has four songs based on the Airtel tune, for which the producers acquired the rights from Airtel and the Love CD has a credit that goes 'Airtel tune composed by A.R.Rahman'.

  1. DD

    Yeah...the movie was done 'in assocn with Airtel' or sthg....all the movie posters (Kannada) had Airtel written on them...

  1. Aravind

    ooops.. sorry, and thanx for the correction..
    I looked for info on the net and none of the sites mentioned this info and all sites credited the music of this movie to Anu Malik...
    But, just this one instance can not change the image of Anu Malik, can it? :D

  1. Rags

    Atlease he should have put the music as AR Rahman for that song alone.. By accepting to put his name for the song...anu malik has anyway fallen to the lowest levels

  1. Qalandar

    Does anyone know where I can download ARR's airtel or worldspace tunes from? Can't find these anywhere!

  1. Anonymous

    i think u do not know variation/ just is ur imagination as u would be rehman's fan...
    Be more practical next time...
    it just cannot be true,,,,,

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