Came across this blog named Many Minds by Kaushik. Unlike other bloggers, he plans to write each post as though written by a different character - So, each post will contain fictional instances told from different viewpoints. Seems to be a very innovative idea. There has been one post so far, and it is pretty good! Waiting for him to introduce more characters.
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Continuing from where I left off yesterday, here is one more copying case... This one is definitely more stupid.

The song Hima Kannangal from the Malayalam Movie Aye Taxi (2005, starring Mohan Lal, Music: Anu Malik) is lifted from .......guess what......... the Airtel Tune by ARR.

U can listen to the song at Music India Online.

First I thought, may be they would have bought the rights for the tune or some thing like that... But, given Anu Malik's track record, there is no benefit-of-doubt for him!!!
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Vishal-Shekhar - This music director duo were touted as very good after the release of Jhankar Beats and were referred to as "musical whiz-kids who are about to rock hindi film music". But now, with the movie Salaam Namaste they have proved that they are in no way different from copy cats like Anu Malik, Nadeem-Shravan, Ismail Durbar and Jatin-Lalit.

The song "My Dil goes hmmm..." is a total rip-off of a background music in Swades (the scene where Gayatri Joshi helps Shah Rukh in tying dhoti). It is a note-be-note copy of the above-said BGM. It is absulutely disgusting to see these people getting famous by doing nothing more than a copy-paste job.

Here are the two clips:

My Dil Goes mmm

Swades - Dhoti BGM

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Busy with preparation for exams tomorrow... So.. posting something which I got from another blog :-)

The Chicago river actully flows backwards now... read about how this engineering marvel was made possible more than 100 years ago, in BRags' Blog.
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After the huge hit Thenaali, Kamal Hassan, KS Ravikumar and ARR are joining hands in Dasaavathaaram. This move is one to watch out for due to many reasons, one of them being that Kamal is doing 10 different roles. Kamal is flying to US to learn the American Accent...

So, one more ARR Tamizh ablum can be expected next year. Already in the pipeline are Jillendru oru kaadhal, Rajni's Shivaji (not confirmed). Oh.. I am so excited......

Update: ARR opted out of Dasavathaaram
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In one of my previous posts, I had written that the bias against southies in Bollywood still continues, especially in deciding awards. Here is one more instance. The nominations for Sahara One Sangeet Awards have been announced. And I was surprised on seeing the Best Film Albums list: Swades and Bose are not even in the nominations!!! Generally, most of the music awards are decided not based on the quality of the music, but based on whether the movie was a hit - This is really really stupid and illogical - but that's the way things have been working for quite some time now... But, in this case, even this criterion is not followed - movies like Aitraaz and Lucky the are in list. Can't even imagine how Aitraaz got in there - the music was pathetic and also the movie wasn't a hit. Swades and Bose: The Forgotten Hero were definitely better than all these craps. Bose is not just a good album... It is a classic..

The only explanation I can think of is the bias against southies - in this case, against ARR.
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Was reading about Spam Comments (Splogs) in blogs in Kaps' Blog. Did not know that my blog would also be attacked so soon by spam. Had to delete a few. As far as I have come across, only blogger users are affected by this. Blogger has this option of word verification for comments. So, all blogger users turn on this option in the Comments Settings!
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Confused by the odd unrelated words in the title?
Well... these are some of the wierd nick names of some of the students here at IIMB. We are so accustomed to calling people by nicknames that we forget their real names. For instance, I have to think for sometime to recollect that S*punky is S*hweta. Sometimes we don't remember the "real" names in critical situations that it becomes really funny!

Once in class, my colleague S*angeet (or San-guit as he prefers to be called) says "the next part of the presentation will be done by Rahmaniac". The entire class bursts out into laughter, and the prof asks me "What's ur name???"

The next incident was even more funny.... This was just 2 days back, at Ecstasy - the inter-college cultural competitions at IIMB. This is how S*uren S*ista, the grand-old-man of IIMB, introduced the music team on stage:
"G*anga, S*wati, N*itya, A*kshay and N*iteesh and myself, S*uren on vocals.... and on Keyboard we have ... (silence for about 15 seconds) .... On keyboards, it is Smiley...(Silence again.. then turning to me) Smiley, what is your name? "
The entire auditorium goes "ha ha ha".... If u still haven't figured out, Smiley is none other than yours truly! This name was given to me by my seniors, thanx to my sweet smile :-)
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Wow... what a combination!!!
Would be really great if ARR also joins in... There are conflicting reports about ARR working for this movie.

Shivaji is the name of the film and Rajni is gonna be back with his super style unlike Chandramukhi, where the importance was for the story...

But, what is interesting is that all the news about this movie is coming only from AVM Saravanan. Not a single word from Rajni or Shankar... Where are the huge ads that start appearing even before the pooja of the film?

Whatever..... Expectations have started building already. Of course, with both Rajni's Chandramukhi and Shankar's Anniyan both becoming mega-hits, the expectations are bound to be very high.... And I am sure, Shankar will make a great movie!
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Many a time, we come across situations when things are not in order, causing lots of trouble to us... And, definitely, each one of us would have thought "wish someone would change all this".. Now, after watching Anniyan, the thought now is "Won't an Anniyan come and set all this right??"

I had a similar thought on last Friday.
Went to Chennai for the weekend. (That is the reason for long absence from blog-o-sphere!)... Had booked my ticket in advance in KSRTC bus. Departure time was 9.25 pm and I left IIM Campus at 7:10 itself... You think that is pretty early?? Well... not really... Reached the bus-stop at 8.25 pm. There was enough time for a proper meal. Entered Hotel Swati in the Bus-Stand Premises itself. Looked like a very good restaurant.. The ambience was good... But, the service was the worst I have ever seen. I had to wait for 30 minues before a waiter came and took orders... and 15 more minutes for delivery of the food (Nothing much... just veg meals was all I ordered). Gobbled the really pathethic food and reached to the bus station at 8.15.... and then got the shock of my life... All the KSRTC ppl I came across at the bus stand said that there was no bus at 9.25... When I showed them the ticket, they became as puzzled as I was. And, finally one man said it must be the special bus and the boarding point for special buses is different. Nowhere in the ticket, was this mentioned. With just 5 minutes for the departure time, there was no time to think of all that... Ran to the new boarding point only to find that the bus was not even half full - Everyone had faced the same trouble as I had... And people were all panting as they entered the bus... All of them had to run :-) ... The bus (and all buses) were delayed by 20-30 minutes...
Can't they have informed us before that the boarding point would be different??

Oh Mr. Anniyan.... where art thou?????

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Saw this brilliant movie today!!!! I would definitely rate it as one of the 10 best movies I have seen!!

There are lots of reviews on the net for this movie - I am not writing one more review - Reviewing this movie is difficult :) ....... just expressing my immediate feelings after watching the movie.

I watch only English/Thamizh/Hindi movies and usually avoid movies in other languages (donno why!!!), even if they have sub-titles. But, two movies which I saw recently destroyed my reluctance completely!!!
One is My sassy girl - a korean movie.
and the other is the this Italian movie, Life is beautiful.
Wow.. this is a masterpiece... The director has used his little grey cells (hee hee.. the effect of reading too much of Poirot) a lot, and makes us also to think a lot... The movie has just the right mix of comedy and sentiments! Your stomach will start aching as u laugh your way through the first half. The comedy is damn brilliant.. The second half portrays some emotional stuff. What is impressive is that this part too has loads of comedy mixed in it - but the comedy itself makes you feel a lot!

A brilliant movie... a must watch!!!

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Sania Mirza
When Sania Mirza won the finals of the doubles event of Wimbledon Junior Championship, all eyes were turned to her (Though she was in the news for quite sometime before this, this is what made the entire country look towards her!)
But, then there were some failures -one can not be winning all the time! - But the media started doubting her talents... And there were doubts whether she was just another hype!

Then she stormed back with a Gold at Afro Asian Games - again she came back to spotlight. With the famous victory at WTA, she sent out strong signals that she is here to stay!

And now, she will become the first Indian to enter the top 50 in the International Rankings, after she beat 9th ranked Petrova in the Acura Classic WTA tournament! Though she fell to Morigami in the next round, she will still make it to the top 50!

Congrats to Sania and wishing her all the best to bring more laurels to India!!!
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The songs of "Ah aah" have lots and lots of hidden treasures which are revealed on repeated hearings, giving more and more pleasure with each hearing!!

Here are some examples:
Thigu Thigu
The starting of the song is as if it is played from a old record player. During this part, the song is accompanied by Tabla. The real surprise is the transition from the Tabla to the heavy percussion. And then again, Tabla takes over. This pattern repeats continuously in the song.The transitions are sooooooo smoooth, u will never realise when the Tabla took over and vice versa.. Wowwww.....

I have already written about the awesome innovation with the "nadhaswaram" like sound in my earlier post (the review)... There are more treasures. Listen to the end of the charanams... note the tinkle of bells going along with the song, matching it exactly... It is at a very low volume, but adds immensely to the beauty of that part.

Thazhuvudhu Nazhuvudhu
When Shreya sings "thazhuvhudhu nazhuvudhu nazhuvudhu thazhuvudhu" before the pallavi, a very very faint synth lead follows the singer beautifully!!! Wowwww..

This song makes a wonderful hearing in Karaoke mode. Lots of interesting sounds, which are otherwise shadowed by the voice, can be heard... The strings backing throughout the song is awesome, especially at the end of Charanams.

I was so thrilled listening to this track on Karaoke mode...

Only one thought comes to my mind - "What a perfectionist this man is!!!!"
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It is pretty well known fact that there is water on Mars. What is new is this picture taken by ESA's (European Space Association) Mars Express Spacecraft. This is the clearest ever picture of water ice on Mars. It seems the Ice will be there all round the year as the temperature/pressure in that part of the planet does not allow it to condense and evaporate.

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Yeah... This is the longest break I have taken after I started Blogging. Was pretty busy with Finance Exam, then Advertising and skit contests (which our team eventually won) and finally Presentations today!!
Wil be busy with my mid terms again next week...

This week's happenings:

ARR's concert in London was a huge success... Lots of ARR fans are writing about this in their blogs...
'Yeh Jo Des Mera' supposedly had the best response and the crowd was delighted when ARR switched to thamizh in the middle of the song!!! Waiting for the Bangalore Concert - I know, it is more than 2 months away, but these reviews increase the expectations!!!
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