"To assume is to make an ASS of U n ME."

Came across this quote which I had scribbled down in my notes, while mugging for exam! Yeah... I remember my prof saying this in class, but dont remember, in what context it was!!!
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Here's another mix! But this one's not by me... I found it on the web!! This one is a rocking video mix! Check it out!

By Aravind on Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 7:20 AM Post Categories: ,
"Kannathil Muthamittaal - oru dheivam thandha poove "

There are 2 different versions of this brilliant song - one rendered by Chinmayi and the other by Jayachandran. I wanted to get the best of both in one song, and thus mixed both to get this duet version. Check out the sample (I have reduced the quality of the sample to minimise file size. The Full song is of good quality). Feedback welcome... my first try at mixing!!

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U can download it here or here.
Have trouble downloading? Mail me... i'll send it to u
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My dear brother, Abinand, turns 22 today!!!
Happy B'day da!!!
Wish him here!

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Have been extremely busy!!! Have been planning to write a review for Godfather music, but I don't think I will find time for it - at least in the near future.
I came across an amazing review of the music of Godfather. Brilliantly done! Lots of those minute effects have been beautifully covered... An Extensive review... Access it here.
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Rang De Basanti music is creating waves! In Channel [V] Top 20 this week, top 5 songs were from RDB!!!
5. Lalkaar
4. Khalbali
3. Rang De Basanti
2. Paathshaala
1. Roobaroo

MTV's 1-2-3 also had a similar pattern!!! That is the magic of A.R.Rahman! Mr. Taran Adarsh, where are you?

Adding on about RDB, here is a kadi:
If Dharmendra wants Hemamalini to call him up, what will he tell her?
Ring De Basanti!
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