Sania Mirza
When Sania Mirza won the finals of the doubles event of Wimbledon Junior Championship, all eyes were turned to her (Though she was in the news for quite sometime before this, this is what made the entire country look towards her!)
But, then there were some failures -one can not be winning all the time! - But the media started doubting her talents... And there were doubts whether she was just another hype!

Then she stormed back with a Gold at Afro Asian Games - again she came back to spotlight. With the famous victory at WTA, she sent out strong signals that she is here to stay!

And now, she will become the first Indian to enter the top 50 in the International Rankings, after she beat 9th ranked Petrova in the Acura Classic WTA tournament! Though she fell to Morigami in the next round, she will still make it to the top 50!

Congrats to Sania and wishing her all the best to bring more laurels to India!!!
By Aravind on Saturday, August 06, 2005 at 11:28 PM Post Categories:
  1. Narayanan Venkitu

    All of us from India can be proud of this girl.! Way to go Sania.!

  1. Anbazhagan

    "In every adversity there lies the seed of an equivalent advantage. In every defeat is a lesson showing you how to win the victory next time."
    -Robert Collier

    Sania understands this very well.
    When the defeat comes she accepts it as signal that her plans are not sound, rebuilds those plans, and sets sail once more toward her coveted goal.
    Wishing her to be rated at top ten at the earlist.

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