Only a mouse finds its hands full with a couple of food grains. Small desires do not behove you. Commit yourself to a lofty target worthy of you. Be convinced that you will succeed.

-from MahaBharatha, Udyogaparva, Mother Kunthi’s exhortation to the Pandava princes and Krishna
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... to blog ulagin kuzhal illaa Kannan 'Magix n Curses' Harish. This self-proclaimed "appaavi pulla" is turning 21 today.
Kuzhal Illaa Kannan Curses :PAnd here's my wishes to him for being lucky to have got CAT exam as a birthday gift!! All the best to everyone writing CAT today!
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I never would have watched this movie, had it not been for the hype and hoopla surrounding it... and I have learnt a lesson - never watch a Simbu movie, how much ever it is hyped! First half was watchable, but the movie goes totally haywire in second half. It is obvious that Simbu was all at sea. None of the characters seem to be well etched out.

Simbu has tried way too much and failed miserably. The worst thing about the movie was Simbu trying to be superstar - the close-ups (which are scary), punch dialogues, his so-called style and actions. Does he really think people like watching him do all that? And, poor poor Reema Sen - she has never looked so bad till now, and i don't think she will look worse than this!

Yuvan's music was hyped as well. But, nothing great there. Vallavaa was the only song which was listenable. I still don't understand why people go ga-ga over Loosu Penne. That is one of the most irritating songs I have heard. Re-recording was noisy at some places, making the dialogues inaudible.

Vallavan is way too much toruture (more than 3 hours) to inflict on oneself, however much one is angry with oneself! Please avoid!!
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It is two weeks since you left me. I haven't got over you. How can I? I still can't digest the fact that I am not going to see you again? I miss you so much. We were together for only 2 months. But, the impact is so big!

You always rememberd when I had to wake up early and woke me up on time, lest I should get late. With you around, I was never bored. I still remember the way you lit up on my touch.

It is two weeks since you left me. I know I am never gonna get you back. I know life has to move on. I know that there will be a replacement for you. But the transition phase is tough and long, you see. Buying two cell phones in a span of 2 months is not easy on the pocket too! Damn the guy who stole my mobile!!!

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