Saw this brilliant movie today!!!! I would definitely rate it as one of the 10 best movies I have seen!!

There are lots of reviews on the net for this movie - I am not writing one more review - Reviewing this movie is difficult :) ....... just expressing my immediate feelings after watching the movie.

I watch only English/Thamizh/Hindi movies and usually avoid movies in other languages (donno why!!!), even if they have sub-titles. But, two movies which I saw recently destroyed my reluctance completely!!!
One is My sassy girl - a korean movie.
and the other is the this Italian movie, Life is beautiful.
Wow.. this is a masterpiece... The director has used his little grey cells (hee hee.. the effect of reading too much of Poirot) a lot, and makes us also to think a lot... The movie has just the right mix of comedy and sentiments! Your stomach will start aching as u laugh your way through the first half. The comedy is damn brilliant.. The second half portrays some emotional stuff. What is impressive is that this part too has loads of comedy mixed in it - but the comedy itself makes you feel a lot!

A brilliant movie... a must watch!!!

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