Confused by the odd unrelated words in the title?
Well... these are some of the wierd nick names of some of the students here at IIMB. We are so accustomed to calling people by nicknames that we forget their real names. For instance, I have to think for sometime to recollect that S*punky is S*hweta. Sometimes we don't remember the "real" names in critical situations that it becomes really funny!

Once in class, my colleague S*angeet (or San-guit as he prefers to be called) says "the next part of the presentation will be done by Rahmaniac". The entire class bursts out into laughter, and the prof asks me "What's ur name???"

The next incident was even more funny.... This was just 2 days back, at Ecstasy - the inter-college cultural competitions at IIMB. This is how S*uren S*ista, the grand-old-man of IIMB, introduced the music team on stage:
"G*anga, S*wati, N*itya, A*kshay and N*iteesh and myself, S*uren on vocals.... and on Keyboard we have ... (silence for about 15 seconds) .... On keyboards, it is Smiley...(Silence again.. then turning to me) Smiley, what is your name? "
The entire auditorium goes "ha ha ha".... If u still haven't figured out, Smiley is none other than yours truly! This name was given to me by my seniors, thanx to my sweet smile :-)
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  1. Kaps

    Ha Ha Ha.......good that u installed the word verification. I used to be called Complan / Kaps. I still feel that nicknames have not made such an impact in IIMB....infact some of juntha don't even have nicknames.

    In the case of IIMA, the dorm name concept is deeply entrenched and hence people don't even remember their real name.

    Some weird nicks that I hv heard in the past -
    Pondy, Dildo, Lesbo etc

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