Being a fan of Madhavan, I've been waiting for this movie right from the time it was announced. The fact that Director Nishikanth Kaamath won a national award for Dombivili Fast (the movie of which Evano Oruvan is a remake) raised my expectations! And, well... I loved the movie!

The movie revolves around a bank employee, Sridhar Vasudevan (Madhavan) who leads a very normal and routine life with his nagging wife Vathsala (Sangeetha) and his two kids. We see glimpses of his righteousness, and also his helplessness when he comes across instances of corruption or people breaking rules. But all his helplessness changes when Vathsala provokes him. The erstwhile helpless Vasudevan erupts. What follows is a one-man-trying-to-change-the-system story.

We have seen so many such movies - be it Indian, Ramana or Anniyan. What makes Evano Oruvan different is that it is closer to reality, unlike the other movies which have more of a fantasy feel to it. The protagonist is not a super-hero which is usually the case in such movies. The hero doesn't succeed in his quest to change the whole world all alone. The movie is a show of anger against the society and the way we have allowed anyone to break the law with out any fear, and the helplessness of the middle class!

Madhavan excels in this movie - both with as an actor and a dialogue writer. There are some really sharp dialogues through out the movie. The resignation letter that he addresses to God is brilliant! So are the dialogues of the poilce inspector (Seeman) when he knows he is helpless in many scenes including the discussion he has with his wife!

Seeman fits perfectly into the role of a police officer who is torn between his conscience and his assigned police duty. And, so does Sangeetha as a nagging wife. The two kids who play Maddy's kids are so natural. It is refreshing to see kids portrayed like this, rather the usual oversmart "adhiga prasangi" kid characters (like in Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, for instance).

Kudos to Madhavan for taking the initiative to produce meaningful cinema in Tamil without sans commercial elements like duets, item numbers and cliched fight sequences. Hope we get to see more such meaningful cinema in Tamil.