My dear A A K,
It's been a long time, right?
Yeah... 13 years to be precise... The summer of 1995 - that was when I first came across you. I still remember that day - a cultural event in Trichy. All thanks to a dance performance that morning, for that was when our rendezvous happened! You bowled me over that very instant. You were very different, extremely pleasant, totally bubbly, amazingly exuberant, instantly likeable (now... now...let me stop here or I'll keep adding enough adjectives about you to fill an entire book!)

Hmmmm.... 13 years have passed... During this period, many others came about in my life. I probably got carried away. I guess that's why our closeness has reduced. I've not been as crazy about you over the past few years, as I was during the first few years!

Now, one day last week when I was so tired and worn out, and I wanted some one to boost me up, you came to me - quite unexpectedly. Though I've been coming across you on and off, I failed to give much importance to you off late. But, that day, when I was in need, you came in with so much energy, so much freshness to pep me up totally. Everything was just as it was during the first ever meeting! I was bowled over by you - yet again, after 13 years. That too, after I had come across so many others, who are supposed to be modern and up-to-date. You haven't changed, my dear, but you still match up to others who claim to be following today's trend. That's because u were way ahead of your time, in the 90s itself!

How many ever dance-songs come and go, my dear Andha Arabic Kadaloram, I know you will always be fresh and will be there to pep me up, and will always be one of my top favs!!!

With luv,
The ever crazy Rahmaniac!