Wow... what a combination!!!
Would be really great if ARR also joins in... There are conflicting reports about ARR working for this movie.

Shivaji is the name of the film and Rajni is gonna be back with his super style unlike Chandramukhi, where the importance was for the story...

But, what is interesting is that all the news about this movie is coming only from AVM Saravanan. Not a single word from Rajni or Shankar... Where are the huge ads that start appearing even before the pooja of the film?

Whatever..... Expectations have started building already. Of course, with both Rajni's Chandramukhi and Shankar's Anniyan both becoming mega-hits, the expectations are bound to be very high.... And I am sure, Shankar will make a great movie!
By Aravind on Monday, August 22, 2005 at 11:09 PM Post Categories: ,

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