Came across this (slightly old) news.. any way it is interesting!!

Tata Indicom have launched Signature Series Phones - the handsets with autographs of Celebrities. And there are two versions as of now:
Sania Fone
Sourav Fone
What's interesting is that Sania Fone is priced at 4999, and Sourav Fone at 2499!!!

I have nothing more to say :)) !!!!
By Aravind on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 10:16 AM Post Categories:
  1. Kaps

    i also read about this somewhere. they seem to know the price points of the stars.

  1. Rags

    So now Ganguly is not even famous enough to sell cellphones... He is out of form in Ads dept too..

  1. Anonymous

    Thank God! My dhadha is atleast half the value of Sania.

  1. Aravind

    Dada is here to stay for two more years!!! :(
    He scored a century yesterday...
    This is what he has been doing all along...
    Hits a century every two years and continues forever and
    ever and ever and ever

  1. Praveen Damodhar

    Sania has certainly carved a niche for herself. this very fact proves her popularity and the craze for other sports finally rocking India. GET GOING SANIA!!!!!!!!!!

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