Let me clear one thing first - I am not anti-Ganguly (you might get such an impression seeing my back-2-back posts bashing him) .

Ganguly often quotes statistics to his defence - but how "true" are they? are they to be taken in the face value? Should we probe deeper in to those stats to find out the real truth?

Excerpts from a Cricinfo article, which analyses the Ganguly's stats:
A cursory look at the stats don't reveal the rot that has set in - in his last 14 Tests, starting with the second Test of that series in Australia, Ganguly stats read 681 runs at 35.84, with one century and five fifties. Not outstanding figures, but quite acceptable, you might think. The problem is that many of those runs have been against soft opposition and bowling attacks: Ganguly has had his share of the easy runs against the minnows, but he hasn't done much of note against the tougher teams.

Read the full article here.
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