The moon presented a wonderful sight yesterday - there was a huge halo around the full moon! I have seen halos like this before, but this one was really really huge. There was a great hue and cry about this all over the hostel blocks in the campus. And of course, just like any rare happening, rumours started spreading about this one too:
- this event occurs only once in 4500 years (!!!)
- this is going to be the end of the world (this of course, is a cliche)
- this is because of a big hole in ozone layer (still cant understand how a hole in the ozone layer will lead to this)
There was also one person on campus who thought that some UFO was about to land (this is the consequence of watching movies like Independence Day and Close Encounters!!)

By Aravind on Monday, September 19, 2005 at 6:44 AM Post Categories:
  1. Anonymous

    yeah it was a beautifuk sight thank u guys for waking me up 2 show this wonderful sight.

  1. Anonymous

    I also viewed it in Chennai.
    My b'inlaw from Nagpur telephoned in the midnight and asked me to view it.
    Fantastic sight.-PKS

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