I was so surprised that someone actually had the guts to say this to Dada... Dada has the full support of Dalmiya and many feel that Dada is still there in the team only because of Dalmiya.
Ganguly himself has told the press that he was asked to step down before the first test against Zimbabwe, which is on now... Though he has not mentioned who that "courageous" person was, articles quote that there were enough indications that it was coach Greg Chappel!


The interesting thing now, is that Ganguly has scored a century in this match (after he himself dismissed Laxman, by a stupid run-out). Now, he will stay on and on forever in the team basking in the glory of this century against a great(???) bowling attack of a top (???) team!!!!
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    Ada Paavi Solliyum Keatkalaya... Dada please step down... Take a break and come back...

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