Surya's next flick Ghajini is all set to release next weekend... Going by the movie-stills and the story-line (Surya suffering from 15-minute-amnesia), it is sure that the movie is inspired from Guy Pierce starrer Memento. Some of the tatoos on Surya's body are ditto from Memento (Find him, Kill him is one). The placement of Tatoo's on Surya's body, the fonts used etc., are also similar to the that of the original movie!

The original movie had a wonderful screenplay - very very different but very difficult to understand! Hope Director Murugadoss has just taken the theme and proceeded with his own screenplay - else the movie will face the same fate as 12-B - the audience won't understand and the movie will have a tuff time at Box Office!
By Aravind on Thursday, September 22, 2005 at 10:18 PM Post Categories:
  1. Praveen Damodhar

    I find Ghajini pretty good than all other movies which have released recently...I feel murugadoss has done a commendable job!Although i havent seen its english version .. I think it has to a level kept up to its expectation.

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