The song "Mukkaala Mukabla" appears in the Limca book of records as the song that has been copied by most number of ppl. As many as 8 Hindi Music Directors copied this song and released their own version. (Ulagathila ore madhiri 7 peru -nnu solluvaanga... Adappaavigala... ore madhiri 8 paattaa??)

This is old news... There is stiff competition for this record now... And again, the source is A.R.Rahman. The Background music in almost every new tamil and Hindi movie trailer is directly lifted from the Chinese movie, Warriors of Heaven and Earth (WOHE), for which ARR composed the music. Here is the list:

1. Majaa (MD: Vidyasagar) - track used is Dacoit Duel from WOHE.
2. Cheran's Thavamaai Thavamirundhu - Track used: Golden Age
3. Kalaaba Kadhalan - Dacoit Duel and Golden Age
4. Ramakrishna - Dacoit Duel
5. ThagappanSamy - Dacoit Duel
6. Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai - Dacoit Duel, Warriors in Peace

This list is not complete... There are many more tamil movies.

Coming to hindi movie trailers:
1. James - Dacoit Duel
2. Ek Ajnabee - Dacoit Duel
3. Hul Chal - Dacoit Duel

This list is, again, not complete... And as is obvious, it is Dacoit Duel all the way!!! All the copycats seem to love this track!

Apart from movie trailers, the tracks of WOHE are being used for Hanniffa Textiles Ad., title songs of many game shows (including the one hosted by Ramya Krishnan), almost in all episodes of Paadhaigal serial (in Podhigai) and many other programs in Sun, Podhigai and all other Tamil Channels!

By lift, I do not mean inspiration - I mean direct rip-off - copy-paste job!!! Ivanga ellam thirundhave maattangalaaaa?

The music rights for WOHE are with SONY. I wonder how Sony is quiet for so long about this issue! This is no one-off incident... Every music director is lifting left, right and center from this ARR classic! Isn't this illegal? Aren't the copyright laws in India strong enough?
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  1. Anonymous

    The worst part of this is that since most people have not heard WOHE, most regualr folks will give credit to essentailly people who are theives.

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    Hey Aravind,
    This is exactly what I meant when I spoke abt the lack of originality in my blog. Can't ARR sue them...or something!??

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    Ya.. that's the issue... The album was not made popular in India...So... no one knows that these are from WOHE :(

  1. Aravind

    @ Sush:
    I am not sure whether ARR can sue them... coz the rights would be with the music companies like SONY, TIPS etc., right? Donno...
    But, even if ARR himself can sue them, how many cases would he have to file :D LOL

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    C'mon Aravind, There's got to be something he can do? This kind of blatent plagiarism should not be allowed to happen to begin with. When it does, it should not go unpunished. How come people like ARR themselves don't do anything about it? If not sue the current crop of plagiarists, composers could prevent it from happening in the future. Does it not bother them that their work is being copied and passed of as someone else's?

  1. Aravind

    @ Sush:
    I get your point... All Rahmaniacs are definitely angry about this trend of blatant plagiarism... But, as we have seen ARR over the years, we know that he seldom speaks or gets into issues like this.. he speaks only thru music... I doubt if he will start "fighting" these "thieves"

  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha, don't joke guys, ARR himself copied the music from Dr.Alban. Then how can he complain about others? Joke of the century.

  1. Unknown


    what about malayalam movie trailers? :D
    list is endless!

    you said it, right!!
    "And as is obvious, it is Dacoit Duel all the way!!! All the copycats seem to love this track!"


    i don't think the md is responsible for the bgm of trailers.there r companies which do trailers they only use these tracks.... it was told by a friend of mine who is in media line.

    i m not sure if anyone has noticed dacoit duel has been used in rr of pokiri the movie starring the pathetic vijay.the bgm comes during the fight scene in a fort i thnk it was just befor the interval or just after the interval not sure....

  1. Anonymous

    Thats true,Dacoit Duel has indeed been used in Pokiri..made me jump when it came,lol..

  1. Anonymous

    " Anonymous said...

    Hahaha, don't joke guys, ARR himself copied the music from Dr.Alban. Then how can he complain about others? Joke of the century.

    2/26/2007 10:45:00 AM "


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