Hmmm...Romba busy... No time to write a new post...So, copy adichifying a post from Vani's Blog. I really enjoyed this one!
I watched Ghajini sometime back...and the background score for the movie sent me into peals of laughter. Random noises getting characteristic of Harris Jeyaraj: Bozo Zulo...oh my god! =)
I really can't understand what's with all these guys who make wierd noises in the name of background music!

When A.R.Rahman started out, there were a number of people who were criticising and making fun of him for introducing such 'noises': but dammit, his sure make much more sense than these zulos and habibiyas!! (Yeah, like I'll ever give up on Rahman! :) )
The thing with Rahman's 'noises' are that nobody can make out that what they are supposed to be: have any of you been successful in deciphering what the background in Mudalvan that comes whenever Arjun does something revolutionary means?! I haven't!
HJ tried something of this sort in Anniyan. And the result, needless, was extremely funny. Praveen had done an awesome job in finding it out and posting it in his blog! :) Do check out his blog if you want to know what it is... ;)
Read the full article here.
By Aravind on Saturday, December 24, 2005 at 7:29 PM Post Categories:
  1. Neha

    hey busy ah illa lazy ah? unmaya sollunga :D

  1. Aravind

    @ Neha,
    Kinda rendum....
    Irukkara laziness la projects-a ellaam postpone pannnathaala, ellam accumulated :(
    adhanaala busy ippo :D

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