The most expected album of this year - Rang De Basanti - was released last thursday at Planet M, Mumbai! Mannnnn... I am totally speechless.... Rahman shows his class and genius, yet again! Awesome variety in this one - fast peppy western numbers, Indian folk (Bhangra), Arabic, soothing and romantic, tender motherly touch, Inspirational, devotional - it is all there - and to a level of perfection we can't even dream about!
I am totally hooked on to this wonderful album...
I definitely want to write a review - but not at this stage -just after a few hearings... I would miss out on the fine rahmantic touches that are hidden in this great album! Will take me at least a week to digest this album!
By Aravind on Sunday, December 11, 2005 at 6:08 AM Post Categories: ,
  1. Anonymous

    I listened to it the first day it came out and man I was really dissapointed. I thought it was totally garbage. But after listening to it 3 or 4 times, I have to admit it is really creative and extremely catchy.

    Thank god there is that adage about Rahman's music needs to grow on you, or else I would have not given it a second chance and would have missed out on the magic of this album.

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    ARR does it again! My current fav is Khalbali. All the songs are great this time around. I'm waiting on your review! :)

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    I loved 2 songs right on the first hearing.. rest of course, took time to grow on!

    @ Sush:
    My fav is Khalbali too!!!! Will write my review in 2-3 days!

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, this is a bit of topic but I was wondering about future Rahman releases. I checked out IMDB, and the arrfans site and saw that he has a whole bunch of releases coming up.

    My question is how many are we going to see coming out in the upcoming year. There is Water and LOTR that is garunteed for '06, but what else is likely coming out next year?

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    It is such a pity that so many of projects listed do not actually find the light of the day! :(
    Ok.. next year's sure releases:
    Water, LOTR (dont think the CDs are releasing in 2006), Jane Tu ya Jane Na, Provoked, Godfather(may be out this month itself!), Jillendru oru kaadhal, Puli... Hope there are more!

  1. Harish

    It takes a Rahman to completely redefine a done-to-death genre like Bhangra..

    It takes a Rahman to create a song that has no set tune, no steady beat, weird lyrics and yet make it a youth anthem..

    It takes a Rahman to show such amazing versatility in an album (9 different types of songs in an album of 10) and yet mark it with his own unimitable style treading that dangerous line between experimentation and pep, and still come out on top!

    I love RDB! :)

    I didn't write a review jus' because it's been completely dissected and reviewed by everyone on their blogs and in the YGroup..
    But I have a feeling I won't be able to resist the temptation! :)

  1. Aravind

    @ curses (harish):
    he he... write a review man... want to know diff persectives about RDB....
    I luv this album!

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