Talking about Rajini, how can I leave out the 2 ads that were released just today! Yeah.. I am talking about the ads of Sivaji which appeared in newspapers today - to announce the starting of shooting for the movie. With a deadly team of Rajini, A.R.Rahman, Shankar, AVM, Vairamuthu and Thotta Tharani, the expectations of this film have touched the skies right from the day it was announced!
Here are the ads. (Courtesy:
By Aravind on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 6:11 PM Post Categories:
  1. யாத்ரீகன்

    such skyhigh expectations played a main role in the flop of BABA.. so beware guys.. :-)))))))))

  1. Anonymous

    thalaivarin indha padam vetri adaiya vaazhthukkal!

  1. Anonymous

    lazy put these pics, some 2 days back.... y do u jus copy em??????
    SVCE le unnna adichi irukanum... escape aayita.... LOL

  1. Aravind

    @ யாத்திரீகன்:

    With such a team, it is not possible to stop the expectations :)

    @ A blogger in sorrow:
    thanx for dropping by!

    @ Karthik:

  1. Anonymous

    i said, these pics were put up by lazygeek a few days b4 u....

    and nee svce thaaane???

  1. Aravind

    @ Karthik:
    I and lazygeek have put the pics on the same day - 14th Dec - the day on which these appeared first on newspapers... Nee late-aa pathaa adhukku naan enna panna mudiyum? LOL

    BTW, naan SVCE thaan.. but nee endha karthik-nu therla... sorry.. Very very comnmon name, u see! .. :D

  1. susubala

    Hopefully the movie comeout very well, though not, somehow it will survivie, but for Rajini !

  1. Anonymous

    kandippa unnuroo sunami dha kalakka poradhu irandu malaikall!!!

  1. Anonymous

    Vageesh here!!kandippa unnuroo sunami dha kalakka poradhu irandu malaikall!!!

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