I often wonder, why this happens to ARR everytime. I am talking about the delay in release of albums and movies of ARR. Rising did not release yesterday, as was stated.
Total disappointment :-(

ARR has been in a terrible luck, of late. Some of his masterpieces over the past one and half years, have gone unnoticed - Tehzeeb (listen to the 3 awesommme melodies by Sujatha Bhattacharya aka Madhu Shree! Wow!! Wowwww!!!), Bose (one of the best by ARR), Lakeer. The main reasons being delays and lack of publicity. Bose came in after a very longggg wait, but not enough publicity was done. The case with Tehzeeb and Lakeer was much different. People hardly knew that such an album was ever released - such is the plight of an album of India's best composer.

The media also played a biggggg role in this. It was the media which wrote off Swades as a bad movie and poor music - they only support stupid skin flicks.

Looking at all this, I often wonder, if the north-south bias has come in to play - we have seen that happen all the time - SPB, Kamal Hassan, Illayaraaja, Director Shankar.....

All were rejected. Only the actresses from south could survive in Bollywood. Sincerely hoping this is not the case with ARR - otherwise, even God can not save Hindi Film music from the stupid Anu Maliks, Nadeems and Shravans!

Waiting for Rising to break all this and create history!

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