Lots of rumours have floating around about the release dates of 2 of A.R. Rahman's albums:
   The Rising - Ballad of Mangal Pandey
Ah Aah (Tamil)
Finally, got a news from a fellow Rahmaniac, that audio of Rising will be available tomorrow
(12th July) and Ah Aah on 20th July. Its been quite a long time since 2 of ARR's albums have released within such a short span of time (Taj Mahal and Mudhalvan were released at around the same time, if I am not wrong). Anxiously waiting for the 2 albums.

The music on the site of "Rising" truely rocks, and increases the expectations. And of course, lots of expectations on Ah Aah too, as it is ARR's thamizh (I always prefer to spell it this way !!) album after more than 1 year, the previous one being New. Hope there is no further delay and both albums release on time.

Hoping for another great treat by the master!
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