It was really funny to listen to some of the songs of Anniyan. What makes it funny are the lyrics. For example, lets take "Kannum Kannum Nokia". Such inane lyrics.

Kannun Kannum Nokia ('eyes and eyes are Nokia'..what the hell does this mean?)
Nee Kollai kollum Mafia. (wow.. what a word to describe a girl!!!)
Capuccino coffee-yaa?
(Sophia?!! Who the hell is Sophia? Where does she come in?)

aiwa aiwa aiwa azhagey Vaa vaa ("Aiwa" beauty?????????)

Here are more such irrelevant words used in the song:

Cyanide, Apple Laptop, Octopus Viralgal, Atom-Bomb, America Varaipadam (Map of America!!!)

Pretty disgusting lyrics. One of the worst lyrics I have come across, for a long time - and what shocks me more is that, these were written by none other than Vairamuthu.
There are people like Thamarai - who writes "prose" for lyrics (more on this later). Snehan, Vivegan etc., who degrade tamil lyrics. Vairamuthu was the only hope - but what is happening now? Excuses such as "director wanted the lyrics that way" do not hold water. He is the best in the industry and he can dictate. And of course, if he is forced to write such lyrics, he can simply walk off! If Vairamuthu himself wields to the pressure, then what can we expect from the lesser-known so-called poets?
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  1. Abinand

    'Kannum kannum nokia' doesn't aactually mean that eyes and eyes are nokia. It has a deeper meaning.' noakkudhal' means 'to see'. Kannum kannum nokia is a distorted representation of 'the eyes and eyes met'. SInce Remo is so westernised, the songs have to be that way.

  1. Unknown

    Hey! Dont be so harsh... I really enjoy lyrics, especially those in pure tamil(ie new york nagaram). However, I dont think Kannum Kannum is as bad as u make it... u have to think of the context of the song too... How many people are willing to watch Remo doing "avanum nokinan"? its supposed to be light and funny... nothing serious... i dont think Tamil music is on a decline.. I think its just adapting to new trends, and we should just learn to grow with it. We dont talk in pure tamil do we?

  1. Anonymous

    kannum kannum noikia is by kabilan and not vairamuthu! furthermore vairamuthu is the only one who retains the lyrical essence and also to mention none other than vairamuthu and kannadhasan did the sangam remake in lyrics.. kannadhasan- " andha nilavil iruvarum sandhithom" and vairamuthu - " attrai thingal annilavil netri tharala neer vadiya.".. you are blogging make syre you say something that is rite dont say watever you feel like.. better luck next time:)

  1. Anonymous

    Come should know. How can someone write so many lyrics on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis, unless and until he is a machine. I am sure most of these lyrics come from mesh-ups and other people's works.

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