Finally, got to hear the much-hyped "Thiruvasagam in Symphony(Tis)". And, as it usually happens for most of the media-hypes, TiS is a big disappointment. Nothing new in tunes. All the tunes remind of some of the earlier tamil movie songs of Illayraja. And the "aaah" chorus in most of the songs, irritate.

Here is a review that appeard on Indian Express:
Any music becomes significant based on melody or
harmony or both.While melody is intrinsic and
spontanious, harmony is invariably introduced. That is
the reason why many of our folk songs and carnatic
music rely heavily on melody than on hormony. Western
music is known more for its harmony. There is
absolutely no bakthi in it. They concentrated more on
their technical wizardry and intellectual creativity.
Fusions are always odious and many times atricious.
The most grotesque fusion of recent times is the much
hyped Isai Gnani Ilayaraja's "Thiruvasakam in
Symphonic Oratorio".
How can purely South Indian Tamil devotional verses
fit into a totally alien orchestral extravaganza,
however chaste and perfect it might be? The tunes of
Ilayaraja for the Thiruvasakam carry vague
resemblancesto his film songs with weak notes of
Kalyani, Shanmugapriya and Sudha dhanyasi. Listeners
are assaulted by a chorus in English at the most
inappropriate junctures. The cover of the album says
that this is a cultural crossover, I feel it is
anothing but cultural aggression. As an ardent Raja
fan, I have only one word to say about the album:
By Aravind on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at 10:08 PM Post Categories: ,
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  1. santhosh P kumar

    Hello Aravind.
    You peoples are not fare to talk about Dr. Illayarajs sir.
    you and indian express cannot do a simply violen section but you speak about illayaraja. Stop all nonsence in your blog. Mr Rahaman is copycat most of his tuens and bgm's are copyed from raja sir.

    We illayaraja fans dont talk about Mr A.R.Rahaman because we dont consider Him as music composser because he dont composse music, he composse musictronic, he always works with computer, just copy, cut and paste.
    Tell Mr. A.r.Rahaman to work for mimimum 20 movies without computer it should have all live recordings tracks even for
    Mr A.R. Rehaman sirs musictronics are just like green chilly, because while having alcholal chilli also tasts good.
    His musictronics stands upto sometimes not for the lifetime because it is musictronics it is not music. Tell him to composse music.

    I think you will post my comments.
    I feel sorry to talk about A.r. Rahaman he is always great. But you Rahaman sir's fans make him to come down Please dont compare Rahaman sir to raja sir .
    Illayaraja sir is Music Rahaman sir is son of music.
    For Illayaraja fans please dont talk about Rahaman sir.

    We tamil peoples have great two composser of world we have to encourage them but we should not talk and share unwanted words.

    Illaya raja is first asian to composse symphony and to composse "Thiruvasagam" tamil opere with symphony.

    We raja sir fan's feel great for Rahaman's Oscar because he is tamalian and indian.
    Stop nonsense you rahaman fans.

    Mr A.M.Aravind
    I am sorry....... I am sorry...... for unfare words.

    santhosh p kumar

  1. காரிகன்

    Technology is the boon of our time and it changes with time. Did Ilyaraajaa compose songs like his predecessors did? When Ilayraajaa can get hold of technology available to him and use it to the fullest, why can't Rahman? Mr. Santhosh kumar's comment is nothing short of complete absurdity. Grow up, you Ilayraajaa fans.You always sound like the broken record.

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