3 Months back, Harish (http://magixncurses.blogspot.com) and I conducted A.R.Rahman quiz on Twitter, to celebrate Rockstar audio launch. Harish is the brain behind most of the questions.

(you can access the previous quiz here: Part1 and Part2.)

Here are the questions. Post your answer in comments. Will post the answers and results on 26th Dec (Monday).
You can find the answers below each question. Hover over smudged/blocked text to reveal the answers. If it doesn't work, just select the text, and you'll be able to see the answers.

Q1. What’s the significance of what you see here?
A1. Haji Ali Dargah (Mumbai), Dargah of Moinuddin Chishti (Ajmer), Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah (Delhi) - Each of them has inspired AR to compose an evergreen qawali- Piya Haji Ali, Khwaaja Mere and Kun Faya Kun (of course it'll be evergreen!)

Q2. We've known directors to pen lyrics (Shankar, Mani Ratnam, Tyrewala). Give us an instance of a lyricist lending his voice in a Rahman song.
A2. Mehboob in Dhakka Laga Bukka (Yuva), Raqeeb Alam in Jiya Se Jiya (Connections)

Q3. Identify the singer of this song

A3. Shreya Ghoshal! That’s the female version of Aaromale. Should’ve been Aarofemale. No? Ok.

Q4. Paarthale Paravasam, Ada, _________, Blue, Jhootha Hi Sahi. Fill in the blank.
A4. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Rashid Ali is the connect.

Q5. Identify the voice in this clip
A5. Sivamani. Palakkad sriram did the jathis (bols), while the Love Check, 1,2,3,4 were in Sivamani's voice.

Q6. Connect Naan Eppodhu (Sakkarakatti), Dekho Na and Kalvare.
A6. The original versions of all of them (Yeh Rishta, Baba Kichu Tha, Khili Re) were sung by Reena Bhardwaj

Q7. Grandchild of the 1st CM of what is now Kerala, she sang jingles for AR before her career was revived in a spectacular fashion. Who?
A7. Sujatha Mohan

Q8. Listen to the 2 clips from Jhootha Hi Sahi and put fundae!
A8. Before naming it JHS, Abbas called it “1800-Love” and later “Call me dil”. AR included them all. The beeps were 1800 punched on a phone! (beep-beep-beep-beep-Love = 1-8-0-0 Love)

Q9. Two people featured here share the same birthday. One is Kamal. Who's the other?

A9. Singer Srinivas

Q10. Two BGMs fused in to this Rock piece. Identify the songs :)

A10. Pachai Kiligal (Indian) and Vennilave (Minsara Kanavu). Fresh off AM (Aravind) Studios :D
Here are the original interludes, from the songs.

Q11. Give us Indai Haza's twitter handle.
A11. @Chinmayi - Rahman gave the name “Indai Haza” to her Arabic singing alter ego :) In “Miss You Da” she’s credited with both names!

Q12. Connect: Boom Boom Robot da, Pudhiya Manidha, Maja Maja, Chikku Bukku Rayile, Eechi Elumichi.
A12: Sung by people whose parents have sung for ARR too! (Swetha->Sujatha, Khatija->ARR, Charan->SPB, GVP->Raihana, Manoj->Bharathiraja)

Q13. Identify the voice
A13. Karthik

Q14. Name a Rahman song picturised on a couple of tamil comedy artists (No, Nee Marilyn Monroe will not be counted as a valid answer!)
A14. Coimbatore Maanukutti picturised on Vadivelu and Kovai Sarala

Q15. Ahora conmigo, tu baila para hoy.. Por nuestro dia olvidas, los problemas que sean.. Salud! Baila Baila! Identify the lyricist.
A15. Tanvi Shah

Q16. a) Name the 1st song that Rahman composed and sang in English. b) Name the 1st song that Rahman composed and sang completely in English.
A16. A) Musafir (Vande Mataram) B) Pray for me brother

Q17. Identify the lead male singer in this clip
A17. Benny Dayal. It's the Tamil version - There's a clear difference in the interludes in Tamil and Hindi.

Q18. Connect Roobaroo, Rozaana, Saiyyan (Nayak), Munbe Va, Omana Penne
A18. Sung by singers who were popular music reality show contestant! (Naresh Iyer, Viva, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Benny Dayal)

Q19. Find the odd one out in this clip.

A19. Irumbile. Everything else was sung by Suzanne. She sang the hindi version of Irumbile.

Q20. Identify the voice in this clip.

A20. Conductor Srinivasa Murthy

Q21. Connect!

Hint:  Focus on the names.
A21. Lakshmi Narasimha Vijaya Rajagopal Sheshadri Sharma Rajesh Raman - aka Blaaze!

Q22. Connect Aalalakanda, Semmozhi anthem, Ballelakka, Oh Maria
A22. Music composers have lent their voice in these songs.

Q23. Something strange happened in 2004 and 2006. It had never happened since 1993 and has not happened since. What?
A23. The only years since his debut when ARR did not get any Filmfare awards.
(Another interesting answer came from Bharat KV - Those are the only two years in which ARR performed Haj)

Q24. Okay, this question is a little tricky. Go through all the odd numbered questions and the answers till now, and make a note of people related to each question. Find a connection (please note: order is important)
A24. A.R.Rahman, Shreya Ghosal, Sivamani, Sujatha Mohan, Srinivas, Chinmayi, Karthik, Tanvi Shah, Benny Dayal, Suzanne D'Mello, Blaaze, A.R.Rahman. The 12 of them feature in AR Rahman Foundation Official Calendar 2011, in that same order :)

Q25. Rockstar achieved a feat that was missed by Duet, Lagaan and Swades thanks to Yesudas, ARR and Vijay Prakash respectively. What?
A25. Given the number of voices Rahman experiments with, it's very rare that the lead actor lip-syncs to the same singer. Duet missed out with Yesudas singing one, Lagaan with Rahman/Srinivas and Swades with Vijay Prakash. Rockstar has Mohit all the way!

Here are the scores:
  • Bharat KV - 15.5*
  • Maanasaa & Envyram - 14 † ‡
  • Kanchna Subramaniam - 12.5
  • Kranthi Chand - 10
  • Sandeep - 9 
  • the hyper enthusiast  - 5

Clearly, Bharat tops the quiz, followed by Maanasaa & Envyram and Kanchna.

Congrats guys!!

*Q23 - We'd asked for a "strange" occurrence. Haj can't be labelled as strange. Hence, partial points.
Q22. The parents of the singers are not just film personalities, but they themselves have sung for ARR. That was the connect we were looking for. Hence, partial points.
Q17 - The clip is from the tamil version and not the Hindi version and hence, Benny is the correct answer. If both Benny and Sukhwinder are mentioned in the answer, I've given just partial points.
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  1. Kranthi Chand

    Delhi - Kun Faya Kun(Arziyaan)
    Ajmer - Kwaaja Mere Kwaaja
    Mumbai - Piya Haji Ali

    Raqueeb bhai - Zikr


    Jaane Tu ( Rashid Ali's songs)






    Irumbile by Kash & Krisy while the other two by Suzanne.

    Srinivas Murthy sir(wow)

    Same singer's voice for the Hero

    Just 12/25. Pity me ! :(

  1. Unknown

    1- dargahs! where Khwaja, arziyaan and kun faa were picturused ?


    6- reena Bharadhwj! That was easy!

    7- sujata mohan

    9- (dont laugh) lead actor-Kamal, chorus singer -Karthik!
    Nov 7th yay!!

    11- http://twitter.com/chinmayi
    But please dont follow her

    25- SPB, Udit Naryan and Udit Narayan had lent their voices to the heroes respectively!! And came Yesudas, Arr and Vijay Prakash to break that monotony.
    Rockstar- Mohit Chauhan lent voices for all songs where Ranbir mouthed!!!!

  1. the hyper enthusiast

    3. Alphons Joseph
    4.Call me Rashid
    5. Palaghat Shriram
    6. Bi-lingual songs..tunes used in two different songs for two different lanugage movies.
    7. Sumangala Damodaran
    9. Srinivas
    11. Chinmayi
    17. Benny Dayal
    14. Eechampazham song from pavithra featuring vadivelu and kovai Sarala
    15. Tanvi Shah
    20. srinivas

  1. Kanchna Subramaniam

    1,,don't knw
    2.raqueeb alam
    3.alphons joseph
    4.jaane tu ya jaane na
    6.all 3 songs in tamil and hindi
    7.sujatha mohan
    8.i dont understand the question
    10.i cant identify
    14.echaam pazham- pavitra
    15.thanvi shah
    16 could be oorvasi( but ony 2 lines)
    pray for me brother
    17.sukvinder singh- menaxi
    or benny dayal - sakkarakatti
    18.i could not connect
    19.irumbile oru irudhyam ( not sung by suzanne
    20.srinivaasa moorthy
    21 no idea
    22,,more than one singer sang those songs
    23..2004 lots of albums..2006.less no of album
    24 their first music career starts with ARRAHMAN
    25 i couldt think of it ( feel so wasted) :(

    kanchna subramaniam..

  1. Kanchna Subramaniam

    1.i dont know
    2.raqueeb alam
    3.alphons joseph
    4.jaane tu ya jaane na
    6.all three songs in both tamil and hindi languages
    7.sujatha mohan
    8.i dont get the question
    10.i could not identify it
    11.chinmayi/ chinmayee
    14.eecham pazham - pavithra
    15.thanvi shah
    16.oorvasi, oorvasi..pray for me brother
    17.benny dayal
    19..irumbile oru iruthayam nt sung
    20.srinivaasa moorthy
    22.has both senior and junior singer
    23 2006.year with max no ao album
    2004 year with less no of album
    24 every singers start their career with AR Rahman

  1. Bharat K.V.

    01. All there places signifies the presence of Dargahs...

    - Ajmer Dargah, Ajmeer - Khwaja Mere Khwaja was dedicated to Hazart Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan

    - The Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya, Delhi - Arziyan, Dilli 6 was dedicated to Nizamuddin Auliya

    - Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai - Piya Haji Ali, Fiza was dedicated to Haji Ali

    02. Mehboob - Dhakka Laga Bukka
    BlaaZe - Rapper and Singer

    03. Singer:Alphonse
    Song: Aaromale (Vinnathandi Varuvaaya)

    04. Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (Common factor is Rashid Ali)

    05. Palghat Sriram

    06. All three werent originals and all the originals were sung by Reena Bhardwaj.
    Naan Eppodhu - Yeh Rishta
    Dekho Na - Baba Kichu Kichu
    Kalvare - Khilli Re

    07. Sumangala Damodaran of IPTA fame

    08. the album was first to be released in LP Records in a decade

    09. Singer Srinivas

    10. Pachaikiligal Tholodu, Vennilave Vennilave

    11. @Chinmayi Indai Haza is Chinmayi's Alterego

    12. -

    13. Karthik

    14. Echambalam (Pavithra) - Picturised on Kovai Sarala and Vadivel
    ( ha ha... loved the pun in the question... semma kalaai )

    15. Tanvi Shah for Jai Ho

    16. a. Musafir (Vande Maataram) b. Pray for me Brother

    17. Benny Dayal

    18. Naresh Iyer, Viva Girls, Hans Raj Hans, Shreya Goshal, Kalyani Menon. Their first association with AR

    19. Irumbile Iruthayam is the odd one. Rest 2 are sung by Suzanne D'Mello.

    20. Srinivasa Moorthy (ARR's Music Conductor)

    21. Thenali Title song (Wild guess)

    neruppaal panju bayandhaal
    veesum puyalaal poovum bayandhaal
    adhu nyayamdhaan

    pagalaal iravu bayandhaal
    parakkum parundhaal kuyilum bayandhaal
    adhu nyayamdhaan

    pesaadha oru pennum
    nindru kaNNaal kadhiththu paarthaal
    bayam nyayamdhaan

    naan dhaan endraa manidhanai kandu
    nyayam bayadhu nayuvinaal
    adhu nyayamdhaan

    thenaalikku elaam bayamdhaan
    thenaalukku elaam bayam

    22. All these are title songs

    23. ARR's Haj Trip (2004 & 2006)

    24. -

    25. The hero's voice is consistent (by the same singer) in all songs (Mohit Chauhan in Rockstar) .
    other 3 films missed it by one song.

  1. manasa

    Btw, hope I can use another chance! I missed out to say Srini sir for the birthday question! Will this be accepted? Also, can I send in one more set of missing answers after listening to/seeing the clips?

  1. manasa

    1- Hope i'm allowed to change my answer on this... It is ARR...who sang all these three songs picturised in these places !

    2- Blaaze

    3- Shreya Ghoshal


    5- Palakkad Sriram

    6- Reena Bharadhwaj sang the corresponding original versions of the songs !

    7- Sujatha Mohan


    9- Srini sir- November 7th. YOU SHOULD INCLUDE KARTHIK AS WELL you know ?!

    10- Pachaikiligal Tholodu (Indian) and Vennilave (Minsara Kanavu)...

    11- @Chinmayi

    12- Boom Boom- sung by Sujatha's daughter Shweta
    Pudiya Manidha- sung by Rahman Sir's daughter Khatija
    Maja Maja- sung by SPB's son SPB Charan

    Chikku Bukku- sung by Rehana's son GV Prakash
    Eechi Elumichi- sung by Bharathiraja's son Manoj

    The singers of these songs are offsprings of film personalities.

    13- KARTHIK !!!!


    15- Tanvi



    18- The track was used as the main song ????

    19- The odd (wo)man out in this is the 3rd clip- Sung by Kash and Krissy
    1st and 2nd clips are by Suzanne

    20- It's an inki pink ponky guess. Srinivasamurthy ?????? I know Ashutosh did it in hindi :|


    22- Aalaalakanda- MSV sang in it
    Semmozhi- Yuvan sang in it
    Ballelakka- Rehana sang in it
    Oh Maria- Devan sang in it
    All of them are Music Directors


    24- The order alternates between a male and a female singer eh ??? Kevalamaana guess I know !

    25- Duet- All songs for lead actor by SPB. One song sung by Yesudas
    Lagaan- All songs for lead actor by Udit Narayan. One song by Rahman Sir (majorly) and Srini sir. I'm not counting Ghanan as it has lots of singers.
    Swades- All songs for lead actor by Udit Narayan. One songs by Vijay Prakash.

    ROCKSTAR has all songs for the lead actor sung by Mohit Chauhan

    This is my final set of answers. No alterations :)

  1. sandeep18march

    1 Kun Faaya Kun, Arziyan, Piya Haji Ali
    2 Sukhwinder Singh. He has given lyrics, as well as sung songs from Water
    3 Alphonso Joseph
    4 Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (All had songs sung by Rashid Ali)
    5 Palghat Sriram
    11 @Chinmayi
    13 Karthik
    14 Song from Pavithra - Eecham Pazham, picturised on Vadivelu
    15 Tanvi Shah
    16 a. Bombay Dreams? b. Pray for me Brother
    17 Sukhwinder in Chinamma (Meenaxi), Benny Dayal in Chinamma (Sakkaratti)
    19 Aey Bachu and Dreams on Fire sung by Suzanne D'Mello, and the rap part in Enthiran was by Kash n Krissy
    20 Murthi

    Bad performance!!! :(
    tough one but was fun....keep up the great work!!

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