On 5th Jan, Harish (http://magixncurses.blogspot.com) and I conducted A.R.Rahman quiz on Twitter, to celebrate AR Rahman's birthday (Jan 6).

Posting first 10 questions here for everyone to attempt. The next 10 will follow.

We conducted a tougher quiz recently to celebrate Rockstar audio launch (but we're still awaiting the CDs as I write this, thanks to T-Series and their unprofessional ways of running the business). Will post that quiz too, later.

Now, post your answer in comments. Will post the answers and results on 10th Oct (Monday).
Answers posted below each question. Hover over smudged/blocked text to reveal the answers.

Pls post ur bouquets and brickbats too in the comments. Harish and I will pick them up :)

Q 1: Clip 1: Whats special about this interlude?
A 1: It's not a flute. It was actually whistled by ARR.

Q 2: Name the first ARR song to be sung by someone from the Raja family.
A 2: Semmozhi - Yuvan

Q 3: Connect Pudhiya Manidha (Endhiran) and Na Na (Couples Retreat)
A3: ARR's kids sang in these songs. Kathija in Pudhiya Manidha and Ameen in Na Na.

Q 4: Clip 2: Name the two instrumentalists.
A 4: Raju and Kadri Gopalnath

Q 5: This was for a UN campaign. What campaign?

A 5: Stop TB campaign

Q 6: SPB : Kumar Sanu :: Chitra:    ?   
A 6: Alka Yagnik. Kumar Sanu has sung only one song for ARR - Mil Gayi (Kabhi Na Kabhi) which is a hindi version of Anjali Anjali (Duet)

Q 7: Connect: Bombay, Fire and Lord of War
A 7: All 3 movies featured the soulful "Bombay Theme" music.

Q 8: Apart from Sreenivas and Nithyashree, who are the other singers who have sung in Minsara Poove (Padayappa)?
A 8: Hariharan and Palghat Sriram. Apparently, 8-10 mins of Harijis aalaps was recorded for this song!

Q 9: Connect: Pettai Rap (Kadhalan), Veera (Raavanan), Noor-un-Ala (Meenaxi)
A 9: Lyrics for these songs were penned by the directors of the respective movies.

(Hint: We wanted to include songs from JTYJN and Jhootha Hi Sahi, but then we'd have had to include all songs from these albums)


PS: Shankar mahadevan is a singer by profession is a trivial fact. We're looking for much a much more interesting answer :D
A 10: All of them have sung for ARR, but only Simbhu did not appear in the video of the song which he sang (Baila More-Kadhal Virus)

Here are the scores:
Arvind - 8
Arun KB - 7
Bhargavi Sekhar - 7
Vijayan - 6
 Congrats guys! Hop on to part 2 :)
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  1. AKB

    1) Whistling by ARR
    2) Semmozhiyaam En tamil mozhi
    3) Pudhiya Manidha sung by AR's daughter, and Na na by AR's son
    4) Western Sax in Duet : Raju
    Classical sax : KAdri Gopalnath
    5) Stop TB
    6) Anuradha Paudwal
    7) Bombay Theme
    8) Hariharan
    9) Choreography : Prabhu Deva
    10) Similarity : All have sung for ARR
    Who is different : Shankar Mahadevan
    Why : Shankar Mahadevan is a singer by profession, rest are actors

  1. Bhargavi C

    1. ARR has whistled the tune.
    2. Just can't place it :( Btw, Ilayaraja or A.Raja? :P
    3. ARR's daughter's debut song, ARR's son's debut, respectively.
    4. Saxaphone,Nagaswaram.
    5. Campaign to end poverty, "pray for me brother."
    6. Alka Yagnik? Blind shot
    7.They all have bombay theme?
    8. Sriram (vazhkaiyil 1000 thadai kallappa guy)
    9. The directors of the movie have penned the lyrics. Shankar, Maniratnam, M.F.Hussain.
    10. Except Shankar Mahadevan, the rest can act and sing. Shankar is a music composer too. Multifaceted, all of them.

  1. Bhargavi C

    I take another shot at the 2nd q, Yuvan for Thamizh anthem.

  1. Vijayan

    1. The whistle is done by ARR himself.

    2. tough question

    3. Both songs(a part of it) are sung by ARR's children: Khatija and Ameen

    4. Kadri Gopalnath and Raju

    5. United Nations Millennium Development Campaign

    6. Alka Yagnik

    7. All 3 films has the gr8 bombay theme music

    8. Sriram

    9. I think ARR lent his voice in these songs at some point but not full song.

    10. Sorry again a tough question

  1. Arvind

    I am not sure if you are still accepting entries but anyway here is mine.

    1. ARR Whistled this himself.

    2 "Semmozhi engal Tamizh mozhi" was partly sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja

    3. Both were the first songs by his children- Daughter (Khatija ) for Pudhiya Manidha and Son (Roomi)

    4 Kadri Gopalnath and Raju

    5. ARR was the Global Ambassador for "Stop TB" campaign by WHO.

    6. Alka Yagnik.Hindi version of "Anjali Anjali"

    7. The Bombay theme was used in all 3 movies? Wild guess (and mostly wrong !)

    8. Srinivasamurthy

    9.The movie's director was the lyricist as well.

    10. No clue !

  1. Arvind

    Happy to see that I have scored the highest...no prizes guys??? :)

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