This is part two of the ARR Quiz. You can find part 1 here.

Pls post your answers in the comments section. I'll post the answers and the points scored, on 16th Oct 2011 (Sunday).
You can find the answers below each question. Hover over smudged/blocked text to reveal the answers.

Here we go:

Q 11: Which performance was this? Name of the place will do.

A11: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra 
Q 12: Clip 3 - Identify the song from this manipulated clip.

A12: That was "Satrangi Re" (Dil Se) played in reverse 

Q 13: Dream, Desire, Buddy, Sizzle, Little One - What are these?
A13: Names of the Ringtones created by Rahman for Airtel

Q 14: Who's this "Black Sheep"? tongue

A14: Vanessa Mae. The track is Raga's Dance from her album Choreography.

Q15: Something interesting happened after Sabaq Aisa (Tehzeeb) and before Sandai Kozhi/Kabhi Neem(Aayitha Ezhuthu/Yuva). What?
A15: Sujata Bhattacharya's name changed to Madhushree. Rumour is that it was Rahman who selected the name!

Q16: What AR Rahman connect makes these two movies special: Kandukondain Kandukondain & Kadhal Virus.
A16: AR Rahman appeared on screen in both these movies.

Q17: Connect:

A17: Songs from these 3 movies made it to the Oscar longlist, but didnt get nominated. 

Q18: What's common between these two songs:

A18: Star and Alli Arjuna had songs dubbed from other languages. These were only original compositions in the albums.

Q19: Which movie connects Kadhalukku Mariyadhai and Jodi.
A19: Doli saja ke rakhna. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai was remade as DSKR. All of DSKR songs were reused in Jodi.

Q20: Connect: Rehna tu (Delhi 6), Acid Darbari (127 Hours) and Phir Mile Sur.
A20: Rahman played Continuum Fingerboard in all of these.


Radhakrishnan Subramanian and Aditya Nataraja top the quiz with 9 points each!

Followed by:
sandeep18march  - 5
Rahmanic (Prasannavenkatesh) - 4
Abhinav - 2


Will post the next quiz shortly!

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  1. sandeep18march

    11. City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

    12. Satrangi Re (Dil Se)

    13. Movie names translated to English (eg Dreams - Sapnay)


    15. Sujata Bhattacharya changes her name to Madhushree



    18. All songs from these respective movies (Alli Arjuna and Star) were reused in Thakshak, Earth and One Two Ka Four, except these two

    19. Poovellam Kaettupaar (Similar storylines)

    20. The Conitnuum Fingerboard

  1. Abhinav

    I don't know Tamil or Telegu thus my knowledge of A. R. Rahman is very limited.

    From what I could attempt:

    11. Sydney
    12. Satrangi Re - Dil Se
    13. AirTel ringtones composed by Rahman
    14. Enthiran - The Robot
    20. Use of the same instrument throughout?

  1. Rahmanic

    Q20. Answer : continuum musical instrument.
    Q19. Ans : Doli sajake rakhna.
    Q18. Ans : Both are debut songs of singers.
    Q17. Ans : All the movies are nominated for oscars
    Q16. Ans : In both movies ARR appears on screen.
    Q15. Ans :
    Q14. Ans :
    Q13. Ans : Chinna chinna aasai
    Q12. Ans : En uyire en uyire - Uyire
    Q11. Ans : White house performace.

  1. Aravind

    Got these answers thru mail/FB


    Q11: City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO)
    Q12 : Enuyurrei ( Uyire) / Satrengi Re ( Dil Se )
    Q13 : Five AIRTEL ringtones for download for its customers
    Q14: Vanssae Mae
    Q15 : It was Sujata Bhattacharya ( Tehzeeb) and later changed to Madhushree ( Yuva )
    Q16: ( Guess ) AR makes a small appearance in both these movies
    Q17 : Songs were shortlisted for Oscar songs , but didnt get a nomination
    Q18: Nethukitten ( Star) and Roja solladi ( Alli Arjuna) - these two are the only Original ( new ) songs from their respective movies whereas rest of songs in the albums where dubbed AR Songs .
    Q19: ( Guess ) Poovelam kettupar
    Q20 : Continuum

    Aditya Nataraja:

    A 11. Birmingham
    A 12. Chaiya Chaiya
    A 13. Ringtones by AR
    A 14. Vanessa Mae?
    A 15. Sujata Bhattacharya changed her name to Madhushree by then! :)
    A 16. Guest appearance by AR
    A 17. Songs from these movies made it to the longlist of 50 songs for the Oscar for best song in their respective years.
    A 18. Both these songs are the only ones from these albums (Star and Alli Arjuna) that AR has not reused yet. All songs from Star except Nendhikitten have been reused in Thakshak and Earth. All songs from Alli Arjuna except Roja Solladi have been reused in Pukar, Earth and One 2 ka 4.
    A 19. Doli Sajaa ke rakhna
    A 20. The continuum keyboard. Just a guess!

  1. Bhargavi C

    Missed it out :(

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