(continued from Part 1)

On the day before the concert, we met many artistes, but could not interact for long...Met H.Sridhar and took his autograph, but he was way too busy that day and could not talk with him for long. They were doing a rigorous sound-test, to assure that everything was perfect on the final day.

An enthusiastic team from ARRAHMANFANS getting autograph from H.Sridhar.
The one on the left in yellowish t-shirt, is none other than your's truly!

Also met Alma, the Bosnian Singer. We were all waiting for ARR to come to the venue. I was at the food court, when someone came and informed that ARR was on stage... I ran from back-stage to front stage... ARR was there in full-black in front of his keyboards... The Rehersal was about to start!

The rehersal
The rehersal was great - it showed us ARR's way of working, his perfection etc. The way they practiced the harmony part for "Kannalane" was great. The female and male harmony had some problems and were not in sync. Then, separate practice sessions for the male harmony and the female harmony were done. When this was perfected, they were made to sing together... And it sounded awesome.

Sadhna Sargam sang Thee thee (from Thiruda Thiruda)... This was one of the very few songs in which there was no break in the middle and full song rehersal was done. Sadhna's tamil pronunciation was perfect! And, Naveen (flute) was at his best! It is a pity this song had to be dropped during the actual show due to lack of time.

(to be continued)
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  1. Rags

    It goes to prove that Perfectionists create magic and everybody is awed by their talent.

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    I recognized your name from your posts on the yahoo group.I really wish I could've been at the concert. I'd love to have been able to get a pic taken with God! Will definitely help with the imagination-dry MDs bashin'!!

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