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This concert coverage would be incomplete without the mention of Shivamani's unbilevable solo show... There was a 10 minute break - that was when Shivamani took over... wowwww.... It was incredible...
How does this man manage to move his hands so fast? Incredible... Earlier, Shivamani presented a trailor - one more solo show- before the concert started - this was wonderful too...

ARR started to sing Aazadi at around 12 Midnight. I felt that the beats were different - not the actual beats used in the song... 2 minutes later I realised why it was so... There was a beautiful transition from Aazadi to Vande Mataram...The beats were different to enable the transition... And when ARR started VM (the last song), the downpour started again - this time very very heavily....Thanks to Rain God for being kind enough to have postponed the next spell by 3-4 hours!!! We walked out of Palace grounds with utmost satisfaction of having watched the concert of a lifetime.

Ok.. I think I will conclude my concert coverage here..I am not mentioning about all songs here as I would go on and on if I write about everything that happened there! Also, the concert details are covered in many blogs. Since I was also at the backstage for two days and for the rehersals and interacted with the artistes, I would write about those in my future posts - this is something which you will not find in most blogs..

Working for the concert, I got the privilege of checking out the songs list well before the concert - Now, I know which songs were not performed due to the delayed start. Here is the list:

1. Warriors in Peace - Alma (from Bosnia)
2. Thee Thee - Sadhna Sargam / Raja
3. Jiya Jale - Chitra
4. Yeh Haseen Vadiyaan - Hariharan / Chitra
5. Yun Hi Chala Chal - Hariharan/Kailash Kher/Aslam
6. Varugirai - Hariharan/Chitra

Unplugged version:
1. O Re Chori - Alka Yagnik
2. Yeh Jo Zindagi - Sukhwinder Singh
3. Sabaq Aisa - Madhushree
4. Tu Hi Re - Hariharan/Chitra
5. Anjali - Chitra

(End of concert coverage. Will take you all through the interesting incidents from Backstage, over the next few days).
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  1. Rags

    Oh man some of the missed ones were my favorites...Who decided to drop them out...Dont tell me you did..I hate you ;)

  1. Anonymous

    Very good report Aravind !
    You have covered even small incidences which I failed to notice during the concert. Palace Ground of Bangalore has been blessed with such an historical event in its life time.

  1. Aravind

    @ rags:
    Yeah.. I was waiting to listen to Yeah Jo Zindagi hai and Sabaq Aisa. Such wonderful melodies.. But unfortunately they were dropped...
    but, i heard Sadhna Sargam sing "Thee Thee" during the reharsal... it was awesommmmmme...

    Me? telling them to drop songs? If I had the authority, I would have added 50 more songs to that list :)

  1. Harish Sivaramakrishnan

    Hey Aravind, Thanks for the info on the songs that were left un performed for the ARR show.. What a loss! I was there for the show, drenched completely!

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