Let's get into some imagination, shall we?

Imagine you are fast asleep, and you are woken up by a loud unusual noise. You rush to the terrace to check whats happening. You see a big UFO landing on your terrace (Terrace not big enough? ah, geez!! when you can imagine a UFO landing on your terrace, can't you imagine your terrace to be bigger! just imagine!! Back to the post, now!)
And then, the door of the UFO opens, and out comes a creature - an alien - a la the E.T., comes out. You look at it and are frightened. It looks somewhat familiar to you, with two arms and legs! But, yet it is an alien and looks a lot different too. You don't know what to expect because you haven't seen anything like this before! Initially, you don't get close to it as it is a very strange creature. But, then you get along with it and become friends with it. It demonstrates its special powers - though those powers are extraordinary, you get used to it and start loving it!


Now, the focus shifts to "I miss you da" song (sung by Chinmayi and Indai Haza) from Sakkarakatti. Isn't it exactly like the alien that you encountered a few seconds back? At least for me, it was!!
The first time I heard the song, I was like "What is this?! What's going on?" It was unlike anything I had heard before. Rahman must have been at the height of his experiment-mood!! There are so many unheard sounds. The tune is so very unpredictable - keeps going smooth and suddenly there's a fall - like a roller coaster! And, so suddenly it goes up! And, I got one more surprise that Indai Hazaa is none other than Chinmayi herself!
Once I got to terms with all these surprises, I started absolutely loving and adoring the song!

I've said it before and I say it again - Only Rahman can create such magic!
By Aravind on Friday, July 18, 2008 at 7:00 AM Post Categories: ,
  1. Ramya Shankar

    I still haven't become friends with the alien !! :P :P

  1. Sandhya Ramachandran

    I TOTALLY disliked the song!!!
    The only thing commendable about it is Chinmayii's versatility.

    P.S: I know this is an evil comment! :D But couldn't resist. I was disappointed with ARR in this song. It crushed me!!!

  1. Shriedhar

    this was the only song I did not like ...

    may be....u thought something gr8 wid the song coz it's from ARR...

  1. BigB

    Rahman at his experimental best. Marvelous song. But then, for non-rahmaniacs it will take some time before the song grows on them.

  1. Anonymous

    Just on curiosity,
    Do you find any similarities in beats between,
    Ulla vaa song from Chennai28
    Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakatti.

  1. Anonymous

    The properties turns out

  1. Anonymous

    I will know, many thanks for the information.

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