Sachin, you are the best, and we all know you still have enough cricket left! A couple of bad innings doesn't signal the end... We know it is just a temporary bad phase!
Hope u come back with a bang!!!
By Aravind on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 10:28 AM
  1. Anonymous

    Sachin is a genius batsman and no doubt about it. But he failed to prove the crictics wrong and he is not a match winner anymore. So what's the point? WC 2007 was a big event where he should have proved his ability like Mcgrath, Styris, Hayden,..etc. I don't see a reason for him still getting gummed to the team for this past records.

    India still playing Sachin as a match winner is like sending PT Usha for Asian Games and praying for Gold medal.

    Good time for Sachin to retire and uppu pottu saapidaravana irundha even Dravid should step down from captaincy and make way for youngsters .

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:

    If we have to drop sachin, then drop everyone in the team and form a fresh team!! Coz, Sachin has been the only Indian batsman to touch the 3 figure mark in the last 15 months - sach made 2 centuries during this period and there has been no other century from any other batsman.. he is the best we hav now!

  1. Anonymous

    He may be the only Indian batsman to touch 3 figure in last 15 months. During 2006-07 season he may have 600+ runs with average over 40. But look at what happened at the big event; 64 runs in 3 matches and got out very silly. I don't deny that he was the only reason for India's performance in last worldcup. But he should have played.

    Sachin is my favourite batsman and I don't want to see him retire in a bad way as Srikanth and Kapildev instead retire like Brian Lara with pride.

    Anyway, its his personal choice. But no doubt on this; "Sachin is loosing his touch".

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

    Hm... :) There's no harm in wishing even ur enemy on his/her bday! :)

    Happy bday Sachin!

  1. Anonymous

    @P Ko Dhandaraman
    Wishing for his BDay would have been a great party if he had played his own way in WC. Otherwise he is just an added no to 110 crores like any other.
    He he he

  1. Subramanian Ramachandran

    Aravind, we all know you still have enough blogging left. A couple of not-so-impressive posts should not signal the end..We know it is just a busy phase at office..

    Hope you come back with a bang :)

  1. Subramanian Ramachandran

    anony..retire like lara with pride :).... hahaha...that shows how much u followed cricket..... lara some 5 years back (when he was of sachin's current age) was in the news for all wrong reasons.... played carelessly, not playing if not given captaincy etc.,... like a true champion he is, he bounced back... we all believe sachin is a bigger champion than lara :)

  1. Soumendra

    and now sachin is back with a bang

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