This must be the worst instance of copying from Yuvan! Song in question: "Karuppaana Kaiyaale" from "Thamirabarani". This was obvious right on my first listening - the original song, being the famous devotional song "Karpoora Nayagiyae" by LR Eswari.
Listen to the songs here:
Yuvan's "Karuppaana":

"Karpoora Nayagiyae" sung by LR Eswari

I had heard this song quite sometime back but only recently, came to know that the culprit was Yuvan. I assumed the composer must be Shrikanth Deva (who had shamelessly lifted the MGR song, "Koduppadhellaam Koduppaan" in one of his earlier movies). Never thought that Yuvan would stoop so low.

Agreed... Yuvan is no original composer, with many of his famous hits (including the 3 songs in Kadhal Kondein) being blatant lifts - but in those cases, it was only the first few lines and the sources were pretty unknown in India - they ranged from Indonesian to Nordic folk. But, here the source is a very famous devotional song, and the entire song is copied. Despite his copycat reputation, I had a little respect for him, but with this song, even that is gone. To me, he is now on par with the Shrikanth Devas orDhinas of the world!!!

PS: The song "Karpoora Nayagiyae" itself is inspired from the Navrang song Aadha hai Chandrama, but in this case the similarity ends after the first 4 lines.
Listen to Aadha hai chandrama, here:
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  1. Anonymous

    Typical YSR. No surprise. I just heard the sivaji songs, unofficial links. Oh man.... Got hooked instantly. For people who cannot wait to listen, here is the link (just 3 songs and superb quality)

  1. Badri

    Old wine in a new!

  1. Aconfusedsoul

    Pathetic!! nallave illa..

  1. Anonymous

    Old wine in a new bottle...
    Pathetic nallave illa...

    I believe they are not only for YSR songs, but for ARR songs in Sivaji...

    ARR eppo thaan Thirundhuvaano???

  1. Karthik Rathinavelu

    I agree with you viewpoint, but I presume this was intentional. This is a very famous song and most of the tamil people might have known this song already. I just think Yuvan is bit more intelligent and knows about tamil makkal.

    What I think could have happened is, Hari wanted to have a song in this way. We all knows his taste, as he is blatant enough to include all the bad words in tamil so as to arise curiosity and increase the masala rating in it. Jus' following in the same way he could have requested Yuvan to have a song in this way. Yuvan is no ARR, so he accepted the proposal to come up with this ...unlike ARR did with "Thottal poo malarum..." in New ...

    I am not any fan of Yuvan or something :-) for your clarification and we all know that he is definitely not a true composer and he is too intelligent enuf to loot a music so popular in tamil music industry and make people believe that he composed something like that from scratch ...the blame should probably goes to the director, I guess...

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    Hey Aravind,
    Finally back to blogging! Yuvan and his brother Karthik(the few that he did) have always been at it. Never really had much respect for him anyways. Hey! Very excited abt ARR concerts in the USA!! Enna Sivaji review innum varalai?

  1. Anonymous

    Sivaji??? very good sounds (not music) produced by Rahman. Another good example of how good a 'sound engineer' he is rather than a music composer :-)

  1. Anonymous

    Very good sounds - Ripped off from MJ's album with a digital filter. ARR is good in doing them. There will be people to skin ARR's music on Sivaji soon.

    Vuvek... Indha pozhappukku ARR pichai edukkalaam.

  1. Aravind

    Anon1, Anon2 & Ramprasad:


  1. Aravind

    @ CoC:

    Sivaji Rocks!

    @ f2f:
    enna seyya!!

  1. Aravind

    @ Badri:


  1. Aravind

    @ Karthik:
    given Yuvan's copying exploits in the past, I wont be surprised if it was he who did it and not forced by the director...

    even otherwise, yuvan is to blame... I mean, how could he agree to just reusing a famous song, if the director demands?

  1. Aravind

    @ Sush:

    Welcome back :)
    was a little busy.. Sivaji review coming up shortly!

  1. tarzan

    Thanks for stopping by Aravind. I just put up a picture I drew of Rahman sahab if you wanna check it out. Other than that, have a great day!

  1. tarzan


  1. Anonymous

    Sivaji album is famous not just for ARR, but for Rajini. Arunachalam, Annamalai, ..etc were bit hits just for Rajini. So same applies here. Except for couple of songs all the other songs remind of MJ and other westerner’s music.

    Padaiyappa is far better than Sivaji just for a reason that Rajini’s movies are not musical. So Sivaji may not be a disaster but definately not up to the mark.

    Anyway when the movie gets released all the songs will be hits for Rajini’s presence.

    Finally ARR gave a super hit album just like mighty australians crushed Ireland. So ARR fans need not be so proud for Sivaji’s success.

    Vitta Rajini padame ARR music aala thaan hit aagum nu solluveengale? Ayyo ayyo;

  1. Aravind

    @ Sudhir:
    The Rajni factor is defnintely there - I'm not denying it! The Rajni factor alsways boosts the audio sales, otherwise crap albums like Chandramukhi (except for Ra Ra) would not hav become hits!

    But, Sivaji is class!

  1. Tara

    i do agree with you tht ARR always gives good numbers.... they can be no way compared to any other songs of any other music director.. He has his own style.. and SHIVAJI songs.. have two factor - 1 being rajini.. but ppl only go watch movie for rajini.. but listen to songs .. only for AR ... not everyone listens for rajini.. but i do not decline the fact tht rajini's songs go hit.. Anytime we can listen to AR 's songs.. he has given evergreen hits.. tht are just really close to everyone's heart. you can listen to them at its got easy search options to get all AR songs in one click

  1. Anonymous

    A.R.Rahman Is a legend and he never copies like other MD....The people who commented abt him ur comments sucks...

  1. Adi

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