... that define me.

The 'Dreamy Dryad' Sandhya tagged me.
So, here we go!

1. My smile. That is definitely the first thing anyone will notice about me.
He he... I am not called smiley for nothing!! (For those who don't know, Smiley is my nickname at IIMB)
2. I am a hardcore Rahmaniac. And am proud to be a Rahmaniac. This is my identity in my college - some people even call me Rahman!
3. I am totally tech-savvy! Wanna try out new software and new gadgets!
4. Extremely optimistic.
5. I'm totally a morning person. I can easily wake up at 4 or 5 am - even without an alarm. But, find it very difficult to stay awake late in the nights!
6. I always want recognition for whatever I do and get upset when I don't get it!
7. I thrive on music. Whenever I am in my room and am not sleeping or studying, music (Rahman's, of course) has to be on!
8. I find it very difficult to say "no" for anything to anyone.
9. I get irritated when people take advantage of my point no. 8, but I will never want to show that I'm irritated, for fear of hurting them!
10. I am totally quiet and look like a very reserved person. But once I get even slightly close to someone, then I am totally unstoppable - I keep going on and on!!

I tag Sheks, Witchoo, Neha, Aysh, Visithra and Vani.
By Aravind on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 6:37 AM Post Categories: ,
  1. Visithra

    Ahha - i like this tag - will do it soon - ill agree on most of the points about u ;) especially the last one about u being quiet and the unstoppable - i do remember being bullied by so called quiet arvind ;p

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

    Hm..Nice tag!

  1. Sandhya Ramachandran

    thankeeeeee!!! :D Tag complete panna thukku!!! I was very like 8 once upon a time!!! Ippo.. i've learnt a biggg lesson after plenty of bitter experiences!!!

    Sigh!!! The world's hard sometimes!!

  1. Aravind

    @ Visit:

    me?? bully u?? me so paavam!!

    ya it is :D

  1. Aravind

    @ Dreamy Dryad:
    >>i've learnt a biggg lesson after plenty of bitter experiences!!!

    I have to come to u for lessons!! :D

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