A short dialogue, which Monica says to Rachel (just after Rach cuts the credit cards) in the very first episode of Friends evoked laughter. But, come to think of it - it's simple but true!

Ok... me not writing that line here... Hear it from Monica in the short 5 sec clip below! (Ok... here's the context, if u haven't watched Friends. Rachel has left her home and her friends are forcing her to reduce the financial-dependence on her father and start life on her own).

For those who can't access youtube, here we go:
"Welcome to the real world! It sucks... you are gonna love it!"
By Aravind on Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 12:09 PM Post Categories:
  1. Ramya Shankar

    Awww, reminiscing friends!! It sure does suck the life out of you! I hate it, but I don't have an option do i?

    The real world sucks ! But yeah, we can't help it right?

  1. Visithra

    arvind type out the line pls ;) some of us cant see youtube ;(

  1. Aravind

    @ Ramya:

    cant help it... have to live with it... so better start loving it! :)

    @ Visit:
    Typed it out... check post!

  1. Visithra

    thanks dear - n i so agree with it ;)

  1. Aravind

    @ visi:
    Thanx :))

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