Finally, got to watch RDB today - and one word that came to my mind - BRILLIANT!
I could spot lots of technical brilliance sprinkled throughout the movie. The transitions from past to present, and back - mannn.. too good!! I got goosebumps in many such scenes! Rakeysh Mehra gets a pat on the back for the way the songs are used in the movie. ARR's background music is mindblowing - few which I remember are the Khalbali remix that comes during the starting titles, the Anupam Kher-Siddharth scene and the Lukka Chuppi flute instrumental! For those (including me) who felt that there is very less of flute usage in the songs, good news is that ARR has made up for all that in the BGMs. There are lots of mesmerising flute bits in many points in the movie. Prasoon Joshi shows his class with wonderful lyrics and dialogues. The youthful comedy and one-liners that run throughout the movie are refreshing. Aamir Khan and co have done a great job on screen! Overall, a great movie!

Quite heartening to see that a non-conventional movie is doing good in box office collections too!

(However, there is someone who actually finds the movie and the music very very ordinary - Mr. Taran Adarsh of IndiaFM !!! Here's the biased, pathetic review by Taran and a rejoinder to it which i found in a blog!)
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  1. Ani

    Rang De basanti is a masterpiece, the movie...the music ...the cast ..the editing ..the colors ...everythign abt is mind-blowing ...

    Feel like shouting and letting the whole world know.....I met Rahman yeseterday but only a 'rahmaniac' will understand the importance of it and I guess, you happen to be one of them.

    Stanford, Feb 14th, Tribute to A R Rahman and I was there ...and during the final 20-30 minutes of the show I and a few lucky others sat by his feet and then by his side ....

    Blessed am I ....


  1. Anonymous

    Mr.Taran Adarsh of India FM might not have got the complementary ticket for RDB, which resulted in a biased review.

  1. Harish

    I saw it yesterday too.. for the 2nd time :)

  1. G

    ok good, wow you got to RDB, lucky man. i will see it soon i hope. well i read ace's comment, hes a lucky guy. i live 15 minutes away from stanfor but wasn't able to go. one day i will meet him. well take care, see you later.

  1. Mythreyee

    hmm.. i feel the movie was over hyped. i guess it was gud, but not as awesome as it was touted to be. but well, tastes differ. n oh yea, bgm - awesome. songs - damn gud.

  1. Vincent

    RDB is a welcome relief from the trash thats regularly churned out by Indian Movie Industry(note, I didn't say Bollywood). The editing could've been better though.
    I can always watch it again for Rahman, Aamir, Siddharth and Soha :)

  1. Anonymous

    me too liked the movie to the hilt.

    It was really an oustanding one.
    particularly music.

    hats off to Rakeysh n arr!!!
    cheers !!

    n therez some prblm wid login here,
    so commenting as OTHEER.

    ~ shreedhar

  1. Anonymous

    may be too much traffic to ur blg



  1. Anonymous

    shit some thing gone wrong here again :)

    i'l try again..


  1. Aravind

    @ ace:
    saw the fotos in the group... must hve been a great experience meeting ARR :D

    @ pa:
    Taran Adarsh is always biased against Rahman...

  1. Aravind

    @ curses:
    adhukkuLLa second time -aa?

    @ Tanya:
    hope u meet ARR soon!

    @ Vasu:
    agree... sometimes u expect a lot and are disappointed if it doesnt meet ur expectations...

  1. Aravind

    @ Vincent:
    the best part is that it is a commercial success too :D

    @ Snow white:
    somehow, I liked Siddharth better ;)

    @ Shreedhar:
    thanx for trying again and again to post da comment :)

  1. Anonymous

    Everything about the movie is good but the murder shown in the end is not only not the solution but practically infeasible.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I am Kettle here.

    I too have seen RDB & felt it is an ordinary movie & there is nothing special about it. Actually, I felt how come Aamir Khan chose to act in such an inconsequential character. For his stature in the industry, I feel he should not be acting in "one-among-five" kind of roles.

    Technically, this movie is really good - but most of the movies taken today are technically sound.

    But, the big disappointment is the climax - actually it is an anti-climax. There are movies taken in a far better way in the same genre in Tamil like Indian, Mudhalvan, Gentleman, etc.

    May be it is refreshing for avid Hindi movie watchers - definitely different from the staple diet produced from the assembly lines of Johars, Chopras, Sippys, etc.

    It is declared as a "Hit" only in "A" centres (Multiplexes) but declared as "Average" in single screens & other centres. That tells a different story altogether.

  1. Shriedhar

    hey aravind!!
    adding u in my fav list, can i??

  1. kartoos

    another rdb fan :)..agree with u completely

  1. G

    yea i totally agree with what you said about favorites.

  1. Aravind

    @ hiren, anon:
    I felt the climax was ok - at least it was not like traditional bollywood movie "happy endings" and the "and they lived happily ever after"

  1. Aravind

    @ Shreedhar:
    sure .. go ahead :D

  1. Aravind

    @ Kartoos

    @ Tanya:

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