Wondering who this guy with "aruvaa meesai" is? If you have played EA Sports Cricket 2005, you would have easily found out that this is Sachin Tendulkar! Yes.. This is how Sachin looks in the game! I dont have to say anything more about the how other Indian players look, in the game!

The sad part is that this poor-state is only for the Indian team. The players' faces and actions are beautifully replicated for the other teams. Here's a sample.Do I even need to say the men in the collage are McGrath, Gillespie, Murali, Gilchrist, Shoaib Akhtar and Pollock? These images are from screen shots of the game - look at how realistic they are!
I don't understand why they have done this to India, given the fact that India is one of the most cricket-crazy countries!

Even if we leave out these factors, the game sucks big time! This game is loaded with bugs:
  • The umpire calls wide or byes even if the ball hits the pad - this happens very frequently!
  • You are batting and suddenly you find that the controls are swapped!!! Yes... u are now able to control only the opponent team's bowler!
  • Sachin and Sehwag batting... Suddenly, the commentator announces that Laxman will face the next ball - and you are like "What the hell is happening???" . 2 balls later, its is Sachin and Sehwag again. Whatever Laxman scored in those 2 balls is added to his own score, but not to the team total!
  • One run to win. 5 balls remaining. You hit a six. And then, the bowler gets ready to bowl the next ball! For some strange reason (or lack of it!), you dont win, even though your score is higher than the your opponent's. Then, u get a single to win the game !!!
These are some bugs which I really faced - within some 3-4 matches (of 10 overs each) ! There must be a lot more in there! These are just the new bugs I am talking about. The bugs that were in the earlier versions find their place in this version too.

To make this game, what EA Sports must have done is this: Take Cricket 2004, add better graphics and lot more bugs - there u go... a new game!!!
This is easily the worst game I have played!

(Free-ya velaiyaadina enakke ivlo irritating-aa irukkae, Rs. 1039 koduthu indha game-a vaanginavangalukku epdi irukkum? )

Update: Abinand wanted to know how the other Indian cricketers look, in Cricket 2005. I have uploaded a few screenshots here. Look at these and have a hearty laugh!
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  1. Abinand


    The Sachin looks like a movie-villain. I want to know how the other Indians look like.

  1. Vincent

    "you dont win, even though your score is higher than the your opponent's. Then, u take a single to win the game !!!"

    haha.. Didn't expect this from EA.
    However, NFS:MW(2005) by the same developer is pretty good. They took 2004's NFS:U2 - added cops, new racing modes, excellent graphics and a hot new chick and brought out the best game in the entire NFS franchise.

  1. Harish

    ganguly team-la irukaana? illai idhulendhu thookitaangala? :)

  1. Sheks

    he he.so u've finally become a tendulkar maniac.

  1. Aravind

    @ abinand:
    LOL... he does look like a villain!

    BTW, uploaded few more pics of "indian players" here

    @ Vincent:
    seriously... after the brilliant FIFA 2005 and NFS, this was a big big let down!

  1. Aravind

    @ Harish:
    Ganguly irukkaan pa team la.. BTW avan thaan captain, indha game la :)
    view ganguly game foto here

    @ Sheky:
    ya... finally ;)

  1. DD

    Nice title for this post

  1. Shriedhar


    ganguly looks like a straight import frm afican jungles :)

    reg my last comment:

    multiple star is ek dum odd
    but frn, i din wanna offend any of his fans out here :)

  1. Aravind

    @ DD:
    thanx :)

    @ Sridhar:
    African jungles ... LOL

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    Tendulkar? Dravid? Ganguly?? Even Bajji and Zaheer look somewhat like themselves...I wouldn't have know who it was unless that name hadn't been there, but there is some SOME resemblence. But when did Tendulkar get a meeshai??

  1. Sridhar Raman

    Probably it is some kind of copyright issue. I remember EA Sport's NBA having one season with a blank Kobe. Or even Fifa with no Ronaldo, but just a no. 9 against his name column! So, it has to be that kind of an issue here...

  1. Aravind

    @ Sush:
    U think there is some resemblance?? may be :D
    But when did Tendulkar get a meeshai??
    thats what I want to know too :D

    @ Sridhar Raman:
    copyright issue - highly possible...
    But what about the hajaar bugs??

  1. Unknown

    Sachin looks like Multiple Star SJ Suryah (read scar) :D

  1. Mythreyee

    ROTFL.. enna kodumai saravanan ithu??? :D :D oru indian player vidaama ellaarayum kolai panirkaanga! geez... n yea, the other set of players frm aussie, etc wer all gr8!

    n bugs chancey illa! was LMAO! :D

  1. kuttichuvaru

    one word.... worshhhhhhhhtttttttt!!! enna kodumai saravanan ithu??

  1. Aravind

    @ Praveen:
    I think this sachin looks a lot better :P

    @ Vasu, @ Kuttichuvaru:

    same dialogue vidreengaley!! :D

  1. Anonymous

    hilarious stuff !

  1. Aravind

    Thanx for droppin by :)

  1. Unknown

    HaHa ridiculous. Great title though :)

  1. Abinand

    u knw what? I saw sachin tendulkar wicket-keeping for bangladesh team. LOLLL!!
    and the indian-face-prob is solved now. the addons for the indian team can be dwnlded at planetcricket.net

  1. Aravind

    @ WA:
    thanx :)

    @ Abinand:
    LOL ..
    will try the patch :)

  1. Romulus

    cha, tendulkar surya madhiri ellam illa, chitti serial-la vakkila varuvane? avana madhiri irukkan!!

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