As ARR steps into his 40th year on this planet, here's wishing him a very happy birthday and praying to God for his health and happiness! Rahman is sure to rock this year with Lord of the Rings, Sivaji, Jillendru Oru Kaadhal, Dasaavathaaram!
By Aravind on Friday, January 06, 2006 at 7:21 AM Post Categories:
  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to ARR!

    Hey Rahmaniac, I have an interesting idea for a blog post:
    Do a Top 50 AR Rahman albums of all time list. It would be really interesting to see what kind of a list a die hard fan like you would come up with, especially since it seems that you have listened to all of Rahman's albums a few times.

  1. Neha

    me also wishes him a happy bde :)

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    top 50...
    very difficult thing to do...hmmm.. will try sometime :)

  1. Aravind

    @ Neha:

  1. Sheks

    u left out "pakistan tour".

  1. Aravind

    @ sheky:
    Oh yeah...marandhe poyitten sheky ;)

  1. I am because I can be

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  1. I am because I can be

    Hi Aravind,

    I was happy to see the DI2020 link in ur blogpage.

    It is heartening to know that our small team that started in Mumbai is spreading far and wide.

    My friends in Mumbai are going to be real happy when they get to know this.

  1. Aravind

    @ Pallavi:
    Yeah..... it is definitely a great initiative!!! Though I have not ben actively involved in DI2020 coz of my workload, I have always supported it! :)

  1. Anonymous

    u r my god... im a crazy fan of u... my rahman is theeeeee!! best..

  1. Anonymous

    Dasaavathaaram is dropped rahman is not composing music...

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