Ah! It's been really long since I blogged! But, I knew I wanted to come back! It was as though I was saying to myself "Naan varuven, Meendum Varuven" ("I'll be back") :D

So, before I start writing about the song which I've been listening to a LOT in the past few days, here's wishing everyone a very happy new year!

Ok, now... the song is "Naan Varuven" from Raavanan. This song wasn't there in the audio CDs that were released initially, but was included in the Raavanan collectors edition pack (which has a DVD with making of the music + a CD with 5 additional tracks, including Naan Varuven).

To me, Naan Varuven is the best song of the album. After having listened to the song a couple of times at the cinema (if you are not aware, it's the end credits song) and the unofficial rips several times, I was waiting for the official release! And, so overjoyed was I when I got the collector's edition disk, for just this one song.

What's so special about the song, you ask? The music, the lyrics and the expressive singing - all just so perfect for the situation.

Let's look at it from Veera's point of view, shall we? This song plays in the movie, just as Veera (Vikram's character) is shot, and is dying. He just got to know that Ragini (Aishwarya Rai's character) likes him. As he is dying, his life, his desires, his dilemmas, his love - everything probably flashes before his eyes.

Now, lets look at the lyrics. The song starts of with
"Naan Varuven,Meendum Varuven,
Unai Naan Thodarven, Uyiraal Thoduven".

He's just realised that his sweetheart likes him, but he doesn't want to go away, he only wishes to come back and live with her - at least in spirit (probably, as a spirit, even... who knows? :P)

Then, spring the dilemmas in his mind. He is clueless as to how everything changed so suddenly. Ragini, who didn't heed to his love all these days, has suddenly turned around. He has so many questions about his life, but doesn't have answers. Just as he begins to get some clarity, the entire game changes. He's won her heart, but he's going away from this world! He feels all his dreams are making a mockery of him and are jeering at him! Look at how elegantly, Vairamuthu has brought this out in his lyrics:

Oru pillai ezhudhum kirukkal thaan vaazhkai-ah?
Adhil artham thedi alaivadhey vetkai-ah?
Artham puriyum bodhu vaazhvu maarudhu
Vaazhvu maarum bodhu artham maarudhu.
Oru kanavu kaatril midhakkudho?
Adhu midhandhu kondu sirikkudho?
Sheer brilliance, no?

Now, lets come to the musical brilliance. This song's mood is in contrast to the film's entire score, which has a tribal flavour with heavy rhythms, to show the crudeness/roughness of the character. But, this song is so soft? Why would that be? I think, it is to show the peace and calm that engulf him, as he embraces death. He is happy knowing Ragini's feelings, but he also knows he is dying. He is not angry, but he is disappointed and confused!

And then, we have the African vocals. The African sounds were used throughout the movie to bring out the tribal feel. And, it flows into this song too, albeit in a softer form. To signify that his rough animal qualities have toned down, and love has made him softer? That's my guess!

Notice the mystic ambience that Rahman has created with his music. Right from the mellow opening piece and the unique ARR voice which bundles in so much of emotions, to the twisting flute pieces interspersed through out the song, Rahman knew what he was doing, and did it perfectly.

It was said that this song was not planned initially, and was composed and added as an afterthought. I think, nothing else could have been better to end the movie. The song adds so much emotion to the climax. When three wizards like Mani, ARR and Vairamuthu join hands, you expect extra-ordinary magic! This song is one such - a true masterpiece.

Song: Naan Varuven
Album: Raavanan (Collector's edition)

Singers: A.R.Rahman, Jali Fily Cissoko
Lyrics: Vairamuthu.

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  1. manasa

    And thanks to you for I got to listen to the song too :)

  1. tgvinodh

    awesome song... but very sad that this song is unnoticed because it is not present in the initial audio cd release... :-(

  1. ®theep

    Fantastic writing.!!! Completely describe my thoughts exactly. thanks

  1. Aravind

    @Manasa, vinodh, theep:

    Thanks guys! :D

  1. youngwriter


    I dont get time to watch films much.....but yesterday i saw this classic film of ravaanan.....amazing!!!

    I was full of tears at the end...I just loved the ending song of all....it was beautiful....because i loved it soo much, i started to surf about it...and found your blog...

    All that u had described about d song is perfect!!!!!!

    I'm not able to do anything ever since i saw the song....which matched the enigmatic and inexplicable love between ragini and veera!!!


  1. JD

    Yes, I can't get over that song. So simple and so brilliant. Just to add to all the nuances/ironies/dilemmas/confusion in the movie why do you think she likes him and that is why she defends him?

    Is it possible that she defends him in the name of justice and not love? She is aware of his story and the reason for his behavior. It is not fair or is inhuman to kill him. That is why she defends him?

    Her husband plays with her integrity and exploits it to get to Veera? Hey you can't do a "krishna in karna story" trick on me?

    I could go on adding.

  1. johannes

    And then, we have the African vocals. The African sounds were used throughout the movie to bring out the tribal feel. And, it flows into this song too, albeit in a softer form.

    I guess
    Jali Fily Cissoko
    is singing these African vocals, am I right?

    Who is Jali Fily Cissoko?
    Where does he come from?

    Does anybody know how these African vocals are written down?
    What is their meaning?
    Also in the "Veera" song there are African vocals sung by Mustafa Kotuane.

    I'd be very obliged to get informations helping to understand these African vocals

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