At the time when the world is acknowledging Rahman's work, and when he's going places, it is expected that there will be criticisms, baseless arguments thrown against him.

But, what's surprising is to see such stuff coming from a veteran singer like Jagjit Singh. He openly targeted ARR in the media, saying that AR knows nothing about Ghazals, and that he picks up tunes from the west!! In fact, he's challenged AR to compose a Ghazal!

How baseless, how stupid these comments are? I'm sure Jagjit hasn't heard 3 of Rahman's most beautiful compositions - the three Ghazals in Tehzeeb. Hey Airat-e-Aashiqui from Guru is a much more popular Ghazal from Rahman!! Why talk abt something, when you dont even know about it? Isn't it obvious that he is criticising just for the sake of pulling down Rahman, because, the question was not about Rahman - he suddenly talks about ARR out of the blue, and lashes out at him!

I don't even want to talk about that idotic argument about picking up tunes from the west - Undoubtedly ARR is the most original composer in India!

Really sad that, even veterans, are resorting to such acts!

(For those who havent heard of the Ghazals from Tehzeeb, catch them here: Sabaq Aisa, Na Shiqwa Hota. I couldnt get a link for the third Ghazal, Mujh pe toofan. Will update if I come across it.)
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  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    I think he just wants work. When was the last time he was asked to sing for a movie? When has he ever been asked to sing in ARR's? By challenging the trendsetter to make a ghazal, he's attempting to get more work. It is the time of layoffs!!

    There's always too much competition and jealousy when someone is doing well in life. Look at what Ismail Darbar said some time ago.

    Great media piece for the TV Channel. Lots of viewership.

  1. Praveen

    I had some respect for this guy..but now its lost..never thought such well established senior artists also had jealousy and could stoop to such levels...shame on guys like him

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! We are very proud to be a Indian

  1. Anonymous

    Undoubtedly ARR is the most original composer in India!????? - You must be kidding. Can you please explain this?

    While as an Indian, we are excited that he swept off all awards, incl the coveted Oscar, Do you think SlumDog was Rahman's best? If you knew music you would say 'No'. It was pure coincidence my friend. The jury @ the Oscars this time perhaps had their ears blocked when they nominate/ awarded ARR this time around.

    His work in Lagaan was way better. Sumthings horribly wrong.

  1. Aravind

    @ Sush:
    ya.. they do all this for TRPs :( So sad!!

    @ Praveen:
    he's lost a lot of fans by this act!

    @ anon:
    what explanation do u need for my statement about Rahman's originality???
    every other Indian music director lifts tunes from the west or from Rahman! Only other composers who can be called original, apart from AR is SEL!!! If u still want proofs, go to
    Only ARR and SEL dont have Tune lifts against their names....

  1. Anonymous

    Cant really blame your Ignorance, kid. So you mean to say legendary composers like RDB, SDB, MSV, IR, GKV, have lifted tunes whereas ARR & SEL have not? Gimme a break. True its difficult to identify ARR's lists since it is mostly consortium of lifts. My dear friend, you dont seem to have browsed yourself. Thanks for the link anyway. You'll be shocked to read it again my friend.You may please answer my comment after checking out, yourself. Till then, bye.....

  1. Aravind

    @ Anon:

    you are the one who is ignorant, dude!!! RDB is a major copycat!!!
    MSV was original, not RDB, SDB and IR.
    just because they're called "legends" doesnt absolve them of their copies!! the proof is out there on that site for anyone to see!

    If you've checked out, and still believe RDB is not a copy cat, it only shows how stubborn you are!! I can't believe you are coming up with "RDB-is-original" argument even after browsing thru ITWOFS!!!

    Did u not notice the "TC" tags on ITWOFS? the "TC" tag indicates that the composer lifted the tune... u can't
    find even one "TC" for Rahman on itwofs!!! and, as far as i remember, RDB had some 30 odd tune lifts which are marked by "TC" to call someone with as many tune lifts a legend, in itself is such a shame!! his lifts equal the number of lifts of Anu Malik!!

    I'm speaking with all the proof, dude, and u're making baseless statements that ARR's music is a consortium of lifts!! I bet you cant find proof against AR!

  1. Anonymous

    Sad sunny, RIP. No point wasting time. You have still not read ARR's section in ITWOFS completely. If you've still not understood and still want to hold your ground, mebbe you need to go for English classes again dude.Now you've already gone back on your initial claim by saying MSV is original. At least you accepted that. LoL..

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    You know what I find most annoying? It's these guys/gals who can't even reveal to you who they are. What have they got to hide? Talk about English classes - how about they try typing in English and not American slang.

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like you ran out of steam bud. Cheer up

  1. Aravind

    @ Eddie:
    I've been following Itwofs for more than 3 years now, and I've read every page!!

    It is you who has not understood.... I mentioned about the TC tags ("Tune Copied") on that site in my one of my previous comments... There's not a single TC in Rahman's page.. and more than 30 TC on RDB's page..

    All those points on ARR's page on itwofs are about beats and rhythms, cos u cant find anything else pertaining to Rahman, to put on that site! would you say every musician is copying the Aadi taal or the roopak taal??? rhythms are generic dude!!

    It is tune that's important and that's why the site has TUNE COPIED tags to highlight who has lifted tunes, which are the heart of the song!

    I'm talking facts here dude..
    It is a fact that there are no tune lifts in Rahman's page and there are more than 30 in RDB's page....
    since you dont hav any such facts to support your arguments you end up questioning my english knowledge!!!
    grow up, dude!!!

  1. Aravind

    @ Eddie:
    regarding MSV: I never said MSV was a copy cat... I've always revered him for his originality!!!
    I was talking only about the current composers, when I mentioned AR and SEL.

    You brought in the topic of legends, and that is when I made my point about RDB, IR and MSV!

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Aravind,

    Listen to A R Rahman's, 'Pavitra' song, 'Sevvanam...' and WHAM's 'Wake me up'! Coincidence?

    Love’s Never Easy - reminds me of something I’ve heard before. During the performance I can’t figure it out. But afterwards a taxi driver does. Rahman’s tune is uncannily similar to Don McClean’s Starry Starry Night". 'Love's never easy' is the English version of Rahman's song in Taal, 'Ishq Bina'. Wonder why Karan didn't notice the similarity when Taal was released...

    All the above statements were taken (err....lifted) from itwofs my friend, a site that you have been following for the past many years.


  1. Aravind

    @ Eddie:
    Dude, both the instances u mentioned here are listed under coincidences...

    1. a chance occurrence of simultaneous or apparently connected events

    ha ha.. look who needs english classes now!!

    They're not listed in coincidences without a reason!
    Take Ishq bina for example.. the original hindi Ishq Bina doesn't sound like Starry Starry Night! When the phrases were stretched slightly to fit in the english words, it kinda resembles that song!!
    It's cases like these which are put in coincidences - the composer didnt intend it, but the swo songs resemble each other because of COINCIDENCE!!

    I'm amazed at how you much are trying to stretch this argument, though you've absolutely no facts to support!!! LOL! :P

  1. Anonymous

    Naai vaala nimitha mudiyumma? Be doomed. Ha Ha. Look at your funny explanation. You yourself do not realise that you are making a fool out of yourself. Okay okay, nobody's stopping you from your path to self destruction. RIP. At least I am happy that you have started to refer English grammar. LoL...

  1. Aravind

    @ Eddie:
    >>You yourself do not realise that you are making a fool out of yourself

    anyone who reads this set of comments in this page, will know who's fooling oneself!!!

    The facts are staring you in the face, but you just choose to look away cos you don't want to accept the truth!!!

    Lets see...
    You started off saying legends like RDB and IR are original.. I gave solid proof that RDB is probably as bad as anu malik! and, then, you just dint want to talk about it! you just left it at that, cos u knew arguing more will only lead to washing their dirty linen in public!!!

    so... then you started criticising AR... I gave proof and explanations ! Then, you picked up stuff which are coincidences - songs which are placed under the section marked COINCIDENCES - and you claimed them to be lifts! I explained why that song is a coincidence!

    And, now, you quit, with ur usual ridiculing (which is what you've been doing for the past few days, when you cant come up with a counter argument!!!)

    Have you noticed that nowhere have you given any logical reason or fact? The best you could do when presented an argument against you, is to mock the argument, and then move on to the next one!

    LOL! Isnt it obvious that it is you who is fooling yourself, dear? :D

    PS: that grammar lesson was for you dude, for you dont even know what the word "coincidence"
    means!! And, it's such a pity that you can't understand the meaning of the word, even when the dictionary definition is posted for you!! :P

  1. Anonymous

    Okay. Now coming to your point. I didnt actually want to wash dirty linen in public. You are forcing me to now dude. I certainly hold ARR in high esteem. You also would have read a nice msg from me reg Keith, on your Blog. I adore his style of playing.

    Well, coming to the dirty linen. Please try speaking to either Sudhin, Sriram(ARR's carnatic source). They will tell you what goes behind ARR's compositions. He creates new sounds (do we call that music?). Well, ARR used to create very good music those days (Pudhu vellai mazhai, kannukku mai azhagu, etc). Not any more.

    But when you claim that ARR is the only original composer in the country, thats like ridiculing all the legends before him.

    The guy behind itwofs, is certainly biased, though he has admitted his limited knowledge in music.

    If you honestly feel Jai Ho deserved an Oscar, then obviously you have no ear for music, my friend. It will be pointless to discuss further. If you thought why I brought in this point out of the blue, it is just to qualify whether I need to respond to you any further. I hate to waste time with people without any music sense.

    This is your blog and I know you have a lot at stake. Not to blame you. I have nothing to lose my friend.

    I am not biased towards any specific composer. Its just that I appreciate good music, whoever its from.


  1. Aravind

    @ Eddie:

    >>Well, ARR used to create very good music those days (Pudhu vellai mazhai, kannukku mai azhagu, etc). Not any more.
    Well, that's enough reason to stop arguing with you!!

    Take Rahman's songs in the recent past - "Jashn e bahaara" or "Kaise Mujhe" (Ghajini) or "Dreams on fire" (Slumdog Millionaire) or the more recent "Dil Gira Dafatan","Arziyaan","Rehna Tu" (from Delhi 6) - he's been consistently giving great music!

    If you don't agree these to be good music, it just shows your lack of musical sense, not mine! And, just for the record - I've learnt music... I compose music... My background score plays for a movie which was screened at International Film festival!

    BTW, I've never commented on this blog about whether Jai Ho deserved the Oscars! I dont know where you picked up from! Oh.. You have been so ridiculous, there's no point trying to find an explanation for just this one!
    "Jai Ho" was my least fav song in the album... For me, "O Saaya" deserved it more! But, the score deserved the Oscars every single bit!! Just "Mausam & Escape" is enough to impress everyone, so as to get the honour!

    To close, I just have a comment about AR from one of the most prolific contemporary western composers, Hans Zimmer:
    "he writes a bloody good tune... He's got the most perfect love theme("Latika's Theme") in 'Slumdog Millionaire' which I am incredibly envious of in a loving way."

  1. Anonymous

    Ghazals might b jagjit's forte, ARR is above all that. And he got us. Millions of fans who recognize his talent. He doesnt need approval of anyone like Jagjit.

  1. Anonymous

    @ Eddie.
    Whoever you are, I have my heartfelt sympathy for you.

  1. Praveen

    to mr.anonymous..
    If u had an iota of selfrespect and if u were born to a single father , u wud've revealed your name without any reservations..
    and here you are hiding behind an anonymous tag and hurling insults at India's greatest ever musician..
    I dont find any reason to explain anything to your fucked up brain..
    You need a good brainwash man, Gulaal style..with head inside an unclean toilet...

  1. Anonymous


    Your language clearly speaks of your upbringing. Not sure how many fathers you have, you bastard. Just do not comment without reading the complete trails of mails exchanged, you Moron. Read completely & then comment.

    Arvind is maintaining a pretty decent blog and guys like you claiming to be Rahman's fans are tarnishing it. India's greatest musician??? LoL My Foot! Looks like you've already been through a Gulaal treatment. You look so, if thats your real photograph. You wanker!

    You are a just born kid, thats the best to expect from you. Go find your dad you sucker

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Dickhead (alias) Praveen, still searching??? I know its tough indeed... LoL....

  1. Anonymous

    A.R.Rahman is God. Yes, he is. Whats all the hype about? Have any of those judges heard ARRs masterpieces.. from Uzhavan to May Maadham, everything he has created is divine. Whats SDM compared to any of these? Right award, wrong music! And relying on some Oscar to gauge his potential! Thats THE most pathetic thing I've heard!

    ARR is only 'relatively' an original composer. He has had his share of lifts too. Basing your views on some site eh? If you had some music sense in you and the habit of listening to a wide variety of music, you'd know the truth.

    Jagjit Singh and jealous! Oh you ignorant, juvenile bitch*s!

    @the Author - And your boring post makes me yawn, a blog abt ARR winning @ the Oscars- how original! You ARE the A*se of the bandwagon, my friend! Get a life!

    @Swapna OhIamsoImportant -
    Millions of fans(inlcuding you?) who recognise his talent? Well with a taste like yours, wondering who'd want recognition from a dumbf*ck like you!

  1. Aravind

    @ poornima:
    no one forced you to read my blog..
    if it's boring for u, why come here and type such boring and senseless crap as comments?

    Did you even see the Jagjit singh interview on TV? The jealousy was totally obvious in the way he spoke!! If that's not jealousy, I dont know what is!

  1. Untitled

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  1. Untitled

    @eddie & poornima

    should be blocked!!

  1. Varun

    @ ARAVIND : awesome post ........... no one without musical knowledge could give such good reviews - and your statement on that international film festival proves that ... kudos...

    you have been sooo patient in replying to all anon comments.... but if you had seen the - very first comment was totally unrelated : """Do you think SlumDog was Rahman's best? If you knew music you would say 'No'. It was pure coincidence my friend.""" total crap .... to all arm-chair critics on rahmans music in SDM - he was not pitted against - ROJA , LAGAAN , MAY MAADHAM , UZHAVAN, KM, INDIAN, or any of his own music ..... !!! then why the heck are you ppl talking abt rahmans best ... he was pitted against ----------- other composers who had composed music that was in the eligibility list that year.... so it clearly proves --- EVEN IF JAI HO was rahman's worst ever composition --- that seems to be an oscar winning performance to the WORLD !.... boy ....!!!!! there you have a fact to prove where he stands in the world music arena !... (might be john williams could have given intense competition ;) .... ) --- still the god .... rules !!!

  1. bsd

    ok it's quite old post however i wud like to say something. i like both jagjit singh and rehmaan saab. both are very original and very talented. when JS said that rehman dn't know anything abt gazals it means (i think) rehaman doesn't know abt gazalz. compose music for a gazal is different thing while knowing gazal is different. so base of argument is incorrect folks. both are master of their art. plz stop cheap comments

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