After the successful historicals and biopics, Rahman hits back with a youthful and modern Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. As with ARR-Aamir Khan combos in the past, this one too is magical!

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi
When the song starts off with a swanky guitar piece and the stylish vocals of Rashid Ali, we know this album is gonna be one trendy, modern one! After the heavy Ishq Ada Hai (Ada), the new singing sensation Rashid Ali rocks with this light number, rendering it so casually which is just perfect for this song! At some places, the style reminds me of Adnaan Saami! The lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala are very fresh and contemporary.
The song has become a chartbuster and may become one of the biggest hit of the year!

Pappu Can't Dance & the Remix
A super cool fun song after quite some time from ARR. Boasting of a huge list of singers - Anupama, Benny Dayal, Blaze, Tanvi, Darshana, Satish Subramaniam & Aslam, - this one will rule the dance floors for quite a while! The energetic beats, playful rendition by Tanvi make the song extremely enjoyable! The short guitar piece during the line "Pappu guitar bajaata hai" is so cute!

Krishna Chetan has done a good job with the remix, though the fun is somehow lost in the heavier beats!

Jaane Tu Meri/Mera Kya hai
The two songs, one by Runa Rizvi and the other by Sukhwinder , are the pathos songs in the album, talking about the pain and separation. Sukhwinder packs in so much emotion and pain in his voice that Runa's version sounds ordinary in comparison, though it is actually very good!
The arrangements in the two songs are different, though the tune remains same.

Nazrein Milana
Yet another group song, rendered by a big list of singers - Benny, Satish, Sayanora, Darshana, Shweta, Bhargavi and Anupama! The use of accordions/harmonica in a modenrn and trendy track filled with distortion, guitars makes the song interesting.

Tu Bole
Rahman's versatility in composing music is well known. Nowadays, it looks like he is on to prove what a versatile singer he is. Fast paced fun numbers, mom-son sentiment songs, romantic duets, pathos songs, inspirational songs and what not.... Now he has tried "60s Jazz" for the title song of Jaane Tu and has struck gold!!! The composition and singing are exemplary. Rahman transports us back in time, aided by Adam Rapa's splendid performance on the trumpets.

Kahin Toh
After the peppy Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, Rashid Ali pairs up with Vasundara Das for a melodious rock number. The tune is simple and melodious. Rahman always creates wonders with chorus in his songs. In this track, the chorus lifts up the song a few notches, especially when they sing the "jaane na" part at a higher note.

Overall, a very trendy, modern and "guitar-ry" album from Rahman, which will staisfy public and critics alike!

By Aravind on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 7:53 AM
  1. DD

    Definitely one of ARRs best albums in recent times...every song is likeable!

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