to the gal who never forgets birthdays!

Many happy returns, Visithra! May everyone keep thinking forever, that u are 22!
By Aravind on Saturday, December 30, 2006 at 7:57 AM Post Categories:
  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

    Thts sweet of u...

  1. Visithra

    oh my god there was a wish for me? thanks sooooooooo much arvind ;p

    no thanks to the horrible connection here didnt realise there was a wish ;)))

    n balloons with flashy flashy gif ;p ooohhhhhhh i love baloons ;p hehe

    thanks again ;)

    ps : all greats are capris ;p hehehehe

  1. Aravind

    @ PK:
    he he... thnx :)

    @ Visit:

    Good.. Now that ur network connection is back to normal, regular-aa visit pannunga! :)

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