Whats common to these 3 movies, u wonder? Listen to the 3 audio clips below. (Dialup friendly - less than 50 kb each). Nothing more to say!!! Just listen to the clips and u will get the point!

First is from Uppu Karuvadu from Muthalvan (1999) - A.R.Rahman

And, this is from Karka Karka - Vettaiyadu Vilayadu (2006) - Harris Jayaraj

And the last one from Sakkarai Nilave - Youth (2002) - Mani Sharma

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  1. Mythreyee

    first to comment! yayyy!!!! :) welcome back btw! n well, u never know da.. even rahman mite hav copied from sumwer, u kno.. :) seri seri, tension aagaadha! :D visit this site n find out more... anu malik thaan chancey illa... 59 songs copied!!!! i bet thats very lil.. ivalo thaan kandupidichirkaanga!!!!

  1. Hameed

    good find dude.. is it cos all de 3 r based on some same raaga or something like that? enaku music pathi avlova theriyadhu adhaan kekuraen..

  1. Anonymous

    great dude. man these r same ones copied.man can u tell me that did rehman copy it from somewhere

  1. in2mind

    Iam a big ARR Fan myself.

    That aside,while the tune is same in all the 3 clips , IMO there is no need to cry foul.

    Any one who has played a instrument - keyboard/anything - and tried composing knows this : Whenever a new tune is tried & gets done into a song,the composer usually concentrates on the MAIN TUNE - checking if its good,has it been heard before etc. That apart,to add 'closing' parts to that tune or extend that one tune into a whole song,they inadverdently add a 'regular' end tune / 'shades' to the rest of the song .

    This can be seen when some one plays a keyboard.These parts are like 'default' ones when the fingers would simply automatically goto when 'finishing' the tune . This happens more in the case of 'lesser' music directors. [ No pun]

    This type of repetitions can be seen in N number of songs over a wide variety of music directors - especially Harris - whose tunes in some lines resemble his own tunes from previous movies.

    These are not done with the intention of copying.And unless the composer is very intelligent [ like ARR Perhaps ?:-) ], there is no way he can run a comparison test of every part of the tune with every other known song .

    It is bound to happen.[
    There are guys who copy bit by bit of a tune.Iam not talking about them !!]

    Not sure ,If you could get me - I tried explaining the way I knew - :-)

  1. True Blue Rahmaniac

    Awesome find! Am amazed!! I'm forced to ask...how do YOU do it :D

  1. Visithra

    hey enna 2 weeks missing - interesting - though cant listen officele no audio

  1. Aravind

    @ Myth:
    Hey.. I have visited itwofs b4...
    >>ivalo thaan kandupidichirkaanga!!!!

    @ Shahul:
    I dont think it is just the similarity of the raaga.. the notes and the timing are exactly same!!!

  1. Aravind

    @ inside mind:
    I got exactly what u said...
    >> when the fingers would simply automatically goto when 'finishing' the tune
    Ya.... when playing the keyboard, the fingers do move automatically to keys relevant to that scale...
    but, why cant ppl be more creative??

  1. Aravind

    @ Sush:
    thnx :)
    he he.. noticed the similarity in "sakkarai nilave" the very first time i heard that song... but, it took 3-4 listenings to find out the similarity in VV

  1. Aravind

    @ Visit:
    was travelling, visit.. adhaan no posts...
    mez back now :D

  1. Anonymous

    I dont know how many ppl know it,but uppu karavadu frm mudalvan was actually tuned by harris jayaraj .pls chk the casette or the cd of the film.it has harris's name credited for this song.

  1. Anonymous

    I think Harris Jayaraj was just a keyboard player or something for ARR in Mudhalvan. AFAIK he didn't actually any song.

  1. Harish

    I'm gonna pass ur link on to my frd.. I told him the exact same thing!!! avan enna nambala! I'm anti-HJ, adhaan ipadi ellam tellings nu sonaan X(

  1. Subramanian Ramachandran

    insidemind solra maathiri

    thaalangal thirumba varalam, thavarillai thozha :)

  1. Aravind

    anon1, anon2:
    Anon2 is right.. HJ did not compose any song.. i think he did the programming

  1. Aravind

    @ curses:
    sure... send the link to ur frd.
    Actually, one of my frds who is a HJ fan didnt believe until I gave him proof!! :)

    @ rsubras:
    verum thaaLam mattum thirumba vara villai thozha.. mettu orey madhiri irukku ;)

  1. Sheks

    it's a standard tune.no plagiarisms involved.

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

    Nice post! Nice songs 2. Busy? Post after a looooooong tme...

  1. Aravind

    @ Shek:
    I dont get ur point!! What standard tune? alll 3 are exactly same! Why should there be a standard tune, first of all? Why cant ppl be creativ?

    Thanx :)
    ya.. slight-a busy..

  1. Unknown

    Enakku onnum puriyalai, sorry

  1. Anonymous

    Creativity is a must for a music director. Ragha may be same but he should use his creativity to compose entirely a new tune every time.

    The three gems of tamil music have composed the following songs in the same ragha "SHIVARANJINI".But their tunes are different.

    Film:Thillana mohanambal
    M D :K V Mahadevan

    2.Song:kuyil paatu
    Film:Rasavin manasile
    M D :Ilayaraja

    3.Song:Kannum kannum kollaiyadithal
    Film:Thiruda thiruda
    M D :A R Rahman

    Only because of their originality and creativity they could be in a position to give entirely different tunes in the same ragha.
    That's why they still remain as the legends of Indian film music.

  1. Aconfusedsoul

    good find!! all copy cats.. cha.. cha..

  1. Aravind

    @ WA:
    All 3 bits have exactly the same tune!!! KeetteengaLa, illaya??

  1. Aravind

    @ Pa:
    good ones... thanx :)

    @ f2f:

    he he :D

  1. Anonymous

    that is a nice find .. But I am missing something. Whats the point of the post. well there is stark similarity, but many movies are themselves similar, right. Its like a big while loop in the movie induustry. Very few original movies come every year ..

  1. Aravind

    @ amimu:

    I dont get ur point?
    u mean to say, copying is justified coz everyone does it?

  1. Rams

    Great find !!! :)

  1. Rams

    Harris seems to be using a lot of ARR's tunes of late.

    Listen to "Orugallukke pilla pilla" from Sainikudu (his latest telugu venture) at http://raaga.com/channels/telugu/movie/A0000943.html

    It's a bit by bit adaptation of Thayya thayya... One other song in the same film has resemblances to Lukka chuppi...

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